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One Week Weight-Loss (Mint)

₹ 999


See the results starting from 1 week!
7 Lean Bars + 7 Mint Green Tea Sticks
Boost Metabolism. Burn Fat. Get Slim.


The answers to all your doubts.

Is it safe & natural?

All of our products are 100% Natural with plant based superfoods. They are safe for pregnancy, thyroid, diabetes and even for kids!
We are FSSAI approved and In fact we have been recommended by doctors for post pregnancy weight loss.
We have seen tremendous success with clients with conditions like PCOD, Thyroid & diabetes.

How much weight can I lose?

We believe in 100% Honesty when it comes to our results. We have seen thousands of customers losing upto 4-8 Kilos in a month when following our fat loss month plans.
Keep in mind, that the results vary from person to person. Some lose 4 kilos while others lose even 10 kilos in a month.
We send a custom diet chart designed by nutritionists along with our plans to help you on your journey. Be sure to follow that for best results. The idea is to do it every month to acheive your goals.

How to use the plan?

We will send you a detailed flexible diet plan for maximum weight loss. It is really easy to follow and built for Indian Diets and Food Habits by leading nutritionists.
For best results, we recommend that you avoid all fatty and oily foods along with our plan.
Have lean bar in the morning as a breakfast replacement and green tea in the evening before dinner. The bar's ingredients are such to make you feel fulfilled till your lunch & boost your natural metabolism. It's very nutritious with oats almonds etc and the spirulina blend promotes weight loss. The lean green tea with Spirulina will help you naturally detox your body, allowing more effective weightloss.

What makes us so healthy?

Spirulina - The Natural Plant Superfood Proven to boost your metabolism & promote weight loss.
Lean Bar - It contains a fat metabolising High Fiver Spirulina Blend that boosts your metabolism naturally to promote weight loss.
Lean Green Tea - Sourced from the foothills of Osaka and Infused in the Green Tea Leaves, proven to Burn Stubborn Fat, Detox & Boost Metabolism. With the finest quality leaves, the tea has been freshly plucked from the first harvests of the Assamese hills, only the best quality tea leaves for a smooth and refreshing experience in every cup.

Pricing & Flavours

We Have the Lean Bar in Choco Fudge Flavour and Lean Green Tea in Mint & Peach flavours.
Double Detox Plan - Rs 599 (You save Rs.120 today - Rs.479)
Fat Loss Week Plan - Rs. 999 (You save Rs.200 today - Rs.799)
Fat Loss Month Plan - Rs. 3999 (You save Rs.800 today - Rs.3199)
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The Fat Loss Week Plan is a starter pack for individuals who have just started their fitness journey.
The pack has The Healthy Company Lean Bars and The Healthy Company Lean Green Teas which have both proven effective in helping people lose those extra pounds.
The Lean Bar is a chocolate granola fudge bar with low calories and an extremely wonderful taste loaded with the goodness of Spirulina that would
> Help metabolise fat by boosting metabolism
> Reduce bloating, gas and acidity
> Strengthen the immune system

The Lean Green Tea is a specially designed infusible formulation to help burn down extra body fat and relieve stress with the help Spirulina and fresh harvest Assam and Kangra Tea. The Lean Green Tea would help in
> Boosting metabolism
> Destressing
> Detoxing the skin and the body
> Reducing digestive issues

> Comes with a custom diet chart which can be followed for sustained weight-loss, designed by leading nutritionists.


> This pack contains 7 Lean Bars along with 7 Green Tea sticks of a single flavour
> The Lean Bars are ready to consume meal replacement bars
> The Lean Bar is advised to be consumed as a breakfast replacement bar
> The Green Tea pack has 7 Green Tea Sticks
> One Green Tea Stick can make one cup of Green Tea
> The Tea needs to be prepared by putting a tea stick into boiling water and allowing the tea to infuse into the water; it is not advised to consume the tea directly without infusing it in water
> Comes with a custom diet chart which can be followed for sustained weight-loss, designed by leading nutritionists.


The Lean Bar is a meal replacement bar, and is recommended as a breakfast bar to be eaten as the first meal of the morning. But the bar can be eaten as a lunch or an evening snack as well, but best results have been seen in groups which ate the bar as breakfast.
The Green Tea is to be consumed either in the morning before breakfast or at night after dinner, before going to bed. For best results, consume tea at night.
>Best recommended combination- Lean Bar in the morning as breakfast and Lean Green Tea at night after dinner.
> Comes with a custom diet chart which can be followed for sustained weight-loss, designed by leading nutritionists.

This product is for you if you have just started working on your fitness goals.
The week pack is a trial pack for new beginners.
This pack is for you if you’re looking for:
> Boosting metabolism
> Losing weight
> Reducing extra body fat
> Improving digestion
> Reducing acidity and bloating
> Strengthening the immune system

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