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‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ As we come across more and more beauty quotes, we find this to be the most convincing one. Beauty for a third person is nothing but their perception of a thing whereas beauty for any one of us is how we feel about ourselves. Agree it or not, when we feel happy within, it reflects on our skin. Right from the glow on our face to our body language, everything changes! We can only make others happy when we ourselves are at peace. This Women’s day make sure you focus on sculpturing your own personality by feeding your ambitions and above all by making time or yourself. Here are few little things that we all can do for our body.

Try approving yourself: Our body is our home, we reside in it. And let us not forget that the size or the color of house does not make it a home rather the love and attention that goes into maintaining it decides it’s beauty. You have spent a long time judging your own self. Try approving and appreciating your body and see what happens. Read more: The more we read, the more we realize that the world is a bigger place, even bigger than we imagine it to be. Reading shapes our mind and our character. The world’s most successful people evidently read about two books every month. Moreover, reading gives you a quiet time with yourself.

Stay hydrated: We shall always underestimate the advantages of drinking water. Much as it’s nature, drinking water keeps us composed. Let us not ignore the many benefits it has on our skin. It flushes out the toxins keeping ailments at bay. Have your ‘me’ time: Everyone is good at something or the other. Everyone’s has a hobby which they put down in their priority list and it gets suppressed over the years. Having your ‘me’ time allows you to re-kindle these hobbies and communicate with yourself better.

Marilyn Monroe the greatest model of all times was never skinny. She had a flabby stomach, her thighs weren’t thin and had a mole on her face. What made her stand out was her confidence. Serena Williams after facing racism, proved to the world her worth. What helped her do this was her belief in herself. Your color, size, your likes and dislikes do not define your abilities. People who recognize women by their sizes or color probably didn’t know that pears and apples are just fruits, an hourglass is just a toy and brown and black are mere colors. You are way MORE than these objects! This Women’s day take time out from your busy schedule and invest it in the person that matters the most- YOU! THC wishes you are very Women’s day. You are beautiful the way you are!

Disha Surwase
March 8, 2020, 5:05 p.m.

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