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“The choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teacher there is.”- Oprah Winfrey. Motherhood is one of the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Pregnancy although a blessing, might feel harsh many a times. The backaches, the muscle cramps, the mood swings, and nausea – you know it all. Nutrition plays a very crucial role during this time. Your diet needs to be well nourished and adequate. You don’t only eat for yourself but also for your baby. The growing fetus needs the best nourishment possible. Let us have a look at the dietary changes during pregnancy.

Increased CALORIE intake: Don’t shy away from adding extra proportions of food items to your plate. Remember you are eating for two people now. However, the calorie needs remain same in early pregnancy and only increases in later stages. Therefore, focus should be o including more nutrient-dense food. In case you are on heavy medications, calorie intake must be increased by default. Pay attention to the toxic junk items: Whether pregnant or not, who doesn’t have food cravings! These might only increase in pregnancy. We won’t stop you from having any of them. However, pay precise attention to the hygiene and proportions of your junk intake. At all costs avoid intake of toxic substances like alcohol. Also avoid uncooked meat. As your pregnancy progresses eat more clean and organic food items.

1. VITAMIN B12 and FOLIC ACID: These nutrients are long known to for maintaining the health of our myelin sheath-the covering of our nerves. It plays a similar role in the growth of nervous system of the fetus. Lack of folic acid during pregnancy has shown neuronal defects like spina bifida, intra-uterine growth retardation in the baby. Your doctor must have already started vitamin supplements for you. The organic sources of vitamin are vegetables and dairy products especially milk. 2. IRON : Pregnant women are vulnerable to iron deficiency anemia. With the mother carrying a baby, there is an increased demand for oxygen. This requires adequate hemoglobin production which is fueled by iron. Low iron levels in a pregnant mother can also lead to Low Birth Weight baby. Therefore, it is essential to include green-leafy vegetables in your diet.

3. PROTEINS: Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Amino acids play a crucial role in cell formation and hence essential for organ development of the growing baby. Including dairy products is a must. Other rich sources include poultry, legumes and beans. Beware of uncooked meat as it could become a source of undesirable infections. 4. CALCIUM: Calcium is required for stronger bones, to inhibit de-mineralization of the bone matrix especially in pregnancy as hormonal changes cause increased absorption of calcium FROM the bones. Likewise, it is essential for the musculoskeletal growth of the unborn baby. Pregnant and lactating women need adequate amounts of calcium. At The Healthy Company we realize that motherhood is a precious feeling. Take care of your nutrition to make this experience safe and healthy!

Disha Surwase
April 8, 2020, 2 p.m.

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