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Can’t hit the gym every day? No worries, Keto’s got you covered! Keto diet is one of those which has left us all overwhelmed with its results. A diet that allows you to add extra layers of cheese! Isn’t it something we all have ever dreamed of? No wonder the keto diet has spread like a wildfire over the world. As you cut down on your carb intake significantly, this leaves your body to mandatorily burn fat to use it as a source of energy.

The expanding curiosity has propelled the nutrition industry to come up with new frames of diet. Today the options are wide. From protein bars to keto pizza you name it; there are a variety of recipes available on the net. You just need to choose what suits your body's needs and lifestyle the most. Along with the increasing popularity of this diet, there are also many queries that one might come across while following the diet plan. Taking into consideration the time constraints, everyone desires to find that one recipe that is quick to make, tastes good and lasts longer. An excellent choice is protein bars. We at THC appreciate your needs and we have our products crafted accordingly just for you!

As you bid farewell to carbohydrates the body needs to be well fed to keep you going throughout the day. Here are some suggestions that are easy to make and can be savoured almost every day. 1. Scrambled eggs: The albumin which is proven to be a protein-rich content is augmented by the egg yolk which is a source of both fats and proteins. Scrambled eggs are easy and quick to make. Another close alternative is an omelette. In case you have little time you can add up cheese, peppers, tomatoes, basil to your scrambled eggs and turn it into a delicious omelette. 2. Berries: Literally all the berries you can think of! They are flushed with vitamin C and fibres. One can debate that fibres are carbohydrates. But unlike carbs, they aren’t easily digested thus keeping you fuller for longer times. You can add skimmed milk and hurl them in the grinder. Tadaa! Your smoothie is ready! An alternative is a green tea.

3. Wraps and pizzas. Planning a fancy dinner? Go ahead with these. For wraps, you can either add cottage cheese or bacon sausages topped with some lettuce. Pizzas too can be made the Margherita style. The flour used in such dishes is almond flour which is low in carbs. 4. Salads. How can we talk about dieting and not mention salads? Add shredded chicken or cottage cheese to the existing layer of lettuce and celery. Top it with olive oil. The salads in keto diet can be topped with lots of cheese and butter making salads tastier like never before! 5. Nuts like almond and walnuts are easy to carry and can be eaten at all times. They are rich in fats which is very much at the heart of this diet plan. As you embark on your journey to weight loss, THC wishes you a happy and healthy dieting!

Disha Surwase
Jan. 6, 2020, 7:06 a.m.

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