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‘Yoga doesn’t change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees it’- BKS Iyengar. We have long known yoga as a science that unifies the mind and body. However, it also greatly contributes in maintaining a good physique. Some yoga poses can really be challenging when performed even though they might seem simpler at first. The static ones even more than the dynamic poses. Yoga for weight loss aims at increasing endurance and strength, enabling you to burn fat in this process. Here are some top 5 yogic poses and exercises that will speed up your process of fat burning.

1. SURYANAMASKAR: It is one of the classic yoga exercises and translates literally as ‘Salutations to the sun’. It involves a total of 6 poses repeated twice making it a 12-pose cycle. All these poses are beautifully liked to each other and must be performed in a flow. Ancient sadhus did as many as 108 suryanamaskar as the dawn progressed. This exercise is thought to utilize every muscle in the body and put it to test. Every pose has it’s own significance and recruits the respective muscle group. Doing at least 10-20 twice a day would be a god exercise for beginners. AVOID IF: you are suffering from acute back pain and any other acute muscle spasms.

2. NAUKASANA or Boat Pose: A challenging yet highly beneficial asana. It requires you to lie on your back and lifting your chest off the floor with arms outstretched reaching your toes and your thighs off the floor with toes pointing towards the ceiling. Hold for 5 seconds as a beginner with more repetitions. As you progress, you can hold this pose for around 10 seconds. This is an amazing exercise to strengthen your core and burn belly fat. 3. KAPALBHATI: This exercise stresses on the way you exhale and inhale in such a way that muscles around your belly get activated helping you lose belly fat. Assume the general meditation pose and focus on your breathing. Once comfortable, exhale forcefully at a medium pace. Around 5-6 per 5 seconds is good.

4. BADDHA KONASANA (butterfly pose): This asana is great for losing inner thigh fat. It also strengthens muscles of the pelvic floor and improves flexibility. Sit with your legs crossed (not completely) in such a manner that sole of your feet are in full contact with one another. Hold them with your palm and keep your spine. Move your thighs up and down as if trying to take off. You must feel a stretch on your inner thighs. Try to touch the base of your thighs to the ground. You won’t get this right if you slouch. Repeat rapidly once comfortable. 5. TRIKONASANA: This is great to improve mobility and flexibility. Great to burn fat from love handles, considering that these are the places where fat accumulates the most. With your feet wide apart, bend one side of your body from the hips such that your right hands touch right feet. Other hand stretched, pointing towards the ceiling. Repeat with left. You should feel a good stretch on opposite side of the waist. Repeat more times, to lose weight in general. Refrain if you have a high blood pressure as this asana requires you to go in a head-down position.

Disha Surwase
May 30, 2020, 10:34 p.m.

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