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Novel CoronaVirus Disease or COVID19 as it is rightly named, has taken the world by large. It has crossed all geographical and cultural borders, leading the WHO to declare it a Pandemic! As for today, it’s cure is not found although the newly found vaccines seem promising. Let us see what other advice can help us fight this virus!

Practice Proper Hygiene: Hear it once again, Wash your hands and avoid touching the ‘T’ zone of your face, which is made by your eyes, nose and mouth. By doing so you are blocking all the possible routes for this virus to enter. What’s the logic behind washing hands? Well, the soap or the alcohol destroys the site of attachment on the virus. Now the virus cannot attach itself. Watch videos to see the right way to remove a mask and gloves with minimal contact with the same. Sanitize surfaces: By now we all know that the virus isn’t suspended in the air rather it gets settled on the surfaces. Sanitize or wash them well. By surfaces we mean every possible surface you can think of. From the bag in which you bring groceries in till the floor of your house. Remember the friend with OCD who you took as a joke. It is probably the time to get tips from him.

Pay close attention to your diet : Diet has a cardinal role to play in strengthening one’s immunity. Proteins contain essential amino acids which ensures that our cell membrane is in a healthy condition. Ensure to include a protein source in your diet. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties which protects the cells. Make sure you add citrus fruits to your diet. Eating your greens also adds to a stronger immunity. Please Note : All these food items only help in fighting general infections indirectly by maintaining good health. There are numerous myths about dietary preparations to fight the virus. None of them are approved by the WHO. Give up Smoking : If we observe the numbers carefully, we can appreciate that mortality rates due to the corona virus are higher in chronic smokers. This is a no-brainer because smoking hampers the lungs. The anti-trypsin in tobacco smoke reduces the elasticity of our alveoli, causing an increased load on the lungs to breathe. WHO has confirmed the fact that this virus can be more lethal in smokers. So it’s definitely time to keep the cigarettes down!

Exercise to improve your lung capacities: This is specific to those with existing lung conditions like COPD, ILD, and asthma and so on. These are times when you pay close attention to your medications. Yogic exercises like Pranayam or endurance exercises can ensure healthy lungs. Diaphragmatic, segmental breathing might also help. Take care of your elders and their co-morbidities. Again numbers exhibit how older people are more susceptible especially those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension. This DOES NOT mean that younger generations are spared. Time to take extra care of our parents are grandparents. Make sure proper dietary interventions are made and they take their medications on time. Stay Indoors: Needless to stay. This remains the most effective method to curb the vast spread of the disease. Make the most of this time and stay fit! Visit our blog site to learn Productive ways to stay fit at home!

Disha Surwase
March 30, 2020, midnight

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