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By now we are well aware that COVID-19 can be stopped by taking proper care of ourselves. The lethal effect of this virus can be avoided by building a strong immunity. Diet plays a cardinal role in strengthening the immune system. Here are some essential nutrients and food which one must consume for a stronger immunity.

Proteins: Amino acid in the proteins contributes towards building of the cells. Our cell membrane contains protein as a component. A good intake of proteins ensures a healthy cell membrane that acts as a barrier to foreign bodies. Make sure you include a protein source in your breakfast everyday. Some of the excellent sources of proteins are- legumes, sprouts, egg albumin and dairy products. If you are considering to consume lean meat as a protein source, make sure it is well cooked. Vitamin C: It is a potent antioxidant and helps in phagocytosis (killing foreign bodies). Deficiency of Vitamin C is associated with increased risk of catching infections. Food rich in vitamin C are- citrus fruits, berries bell peppers and kiwi. Refrain from eating citrus fruits if you are having a sore throat.

Turmeric: Remember the days, our mothers used to apply turmeric on our wounds? This sole reason was to avail it’s anti-inflammatory property. This age-old go to anti-inflammatory medicine shall keep infections at bay and manages them quickly. One could have it milk which further enhances its properties. Green tea: Apart from lowering cholesterol, green tea can also help in building immunity. Green tea is long known for the anti-oxidants it possess. The flavonoids prevent formation of free radicles thus protecting the cell from damage.

Eat your greens: Rich in antioxidants, leafy vegetables are sure to add strength to your cell's functioning. They are also an abundant source of vitamins and minerals. Make sure to eat more of nutrient-dense vegetables like kale, spinach, beetroot, broccoli and so on. Spirulina: Due to it’s many benefits, spirulina is now known as a ‘super food’. It is a reservoir of proteins containing about 60% of it. A 100 gm of spirulina sachet contains 58 grams of protein which exceeds the protein content found in chicken meat, tuna, tofu and even cheese. It is dense in Vitamins which are required to prevent cell damage. In-vitro studies show how spriluna can inhibit inflammatory responses. This property has helped to curb inflammatory conditions like allergic rhinitis. It also has anti-viral effects which have shown to prevent influenza-like viruses and common cold.

Disha Surwase
April 9, 2020, 9:01 p.m.

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