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‘You are what you eat!’- Food plays an essential role in determining our behavior. Research proves that what we eat largely effects our mood. Food should make us feel calm and good. We not only eat for good body but unknowingly also for the soul. Why is knowing this important? Today, food has taken various different form. It’s a lot less organic and lot more processed. This has put forth a number of eating disorders and side effects that arises from eating wrong. This includes, binge-eating, compulsive eating, negative body image, weight gain, raised cholesterol levels. Not only this but also a wide range of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and various cardio-vascular diseases.

'Our mood determines our food choices and vice versa’. For instance we all crave for desserts to fight feelings of anxiety, depression or even rejection. This explains the former part of the sentence how our mood decides our food choices. Likewise, eating desserts is associated with release of feel-good hormones. This explains the latter part how food affects our mood and behavior.

Eating spicy food and excessive caffeinated drinks can make you feel more anxious and irritable. Junk and sugary food makes you feel lethargic. It is also known to slow the brain, especially alcoholic drinks. Eating more fruits is linked with feelings of calmness. Likewise, eating fibrous food also does the same. Although our mood dictates our cravings, mindful eating is of utmost importance to avoid unnecessary binging. This can be done by making some healthy swaps.

1. Whenever you crave sweets, eat a banana: Fruits like banana, grapes, dates and mango are high in fructose: fruit sugar. They have proven to elevated mood. Also, take are a healthy alternative to cake, ice-cream and other items that contain ample amounts of processed sugar. Or you can even make healthy dark chocolate at home. 2. Roast instead of deep frying: Not only does deep frying adds to your cholesterol but it also hampers the nutrients in it and denatures it. If you crave for carbs, consider baking potato and topping it with alfredo sauce instead of binging on potato chips. 3. Green tea: Beverages like green tea are low in caffeine and have proved to improve feelings of calmness. They also keep cravings at bay. By choosing healthy options, you can not only get fit but also control your mood swings and keep yourself more composed! As we say, there’s nothing a good diet cannot do!

Disha Surwase
April 25, 2020, 8:52 p.m.

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