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“The green tea has worked wonders for me, right from my weight to my acne-filled face, it has fixed almost everything”- Sonia, a working woman and a proud mother.They say motherhood completes a woman. But at times destiny has different plans in store. Sonia’s story is sure to thrill and inspire all of us. Sonia is originally from Himachal. Being fit has always been on her radar. Like the majority of the working population, fetching time for this purpose was getting difficult. Last year, her heart filled with joy as she embraced the news of her pregnancy. She started regulating her diet once again and was ready for the baby. Things were alright until three months later she discovered that she had a miscarriage. Her heart sank and for months she couldn’t lift herself out of it. Things became worse when the after-effects of miscarriage took a toll on her health. Her appetite was lost, her sleep-wake cycle was disturbed, her face was swollen and she started accumulating a lot of fats. It was during this time that she couldn’t take it anymore and made a vow to get her life back on track.

Here’s what she has got to say… “There comes a point when you have to fight the harsh truths that life throws at you. To do so, I decided that it had to start from being healthy and fit. THE HEALTHY COMPANY has helped me with my diet and the results have amused me. I started experiencing the effects in a month. By this time everyone around me had started asking if I was taking medicines and what was the secret behind this drastic change in me. I love the flavor of lean green tea. I have recommended this tea to all my colleagues and they are happy with the results too”

How did we go about it? She approached us and after going through her schedule, we made her a diet plan. Sonia had opted for the One Week Detox plan at first. Surprising as it sounds, she started experiencing effects within the first three days of using the lean green tea. She religiously followed the diet and soon ordered the One Month Health plan. Within a week her blemishes were gone and her face gained a glow like never before. She reports feeling more refreshed and energetic during this period. The wave of happiness once lost was back in her life once again. As impressive the immediate effects might sound, the long term effects were overwhelming as well. She lost 9kgs in a month. Her menstrual cycle got more regular. What was her diet? Sonia took the tea twice a day as prescribed to her. She started eating more wholesome food. Food-lover as she was, she did not completely Scarpe out junk food but surely reduced it to a great extent. She limited her dinner to a glass of milk or one chapati at the most. Since she is a working woman, she did not cut down on her carbs completely or else she would fall short on the energy required to survive the day. She also complemented it with a brisk walk once every two days. As days passed her diet only got better. There was this new zeal in her. She felt even more confident as she started flaunting her old dresses which did not fit her anymore.

There’s nothing that a good diet cannot do. Trust us, it can make wonders happen. When you feel fit, you feel confident and everything around you changes or better still, you become a master at managing any circumstances come what may. You turn into a more composed version of yourself. At THE HEALTHY COMPANY, we take pride in women like Sonia for keeping up her fighting spirit. Women like her are truly warriors.

Disha Surwase
Feb. 9, 2020, 10:52 p.m.

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