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Binge eating is largely responsible for not being able to maintain a disciplined diet. It can be easily modified for those who those who do it occasionally and consciously but a majority of the times it is an ‘eating-disorder’ and people don’t really realize it. It's all about tricking your mind and modifying your pre and post- meal intakes! Here are some effective ways, effortless in execution which will help you eat less automatically!

▶Drink a glass of water before your meals: Water acts as a great filler and its calorie-less! It's obvious that you'll be fuller and tend to eat less. Water also helps reduce cravings for carbohydrates and sweet. Beverages like green-tea or black-coffee are also a great option. ▶Have Salads : 🥗The fibers in salads give a feeling of satiety. Make it a norm to have a bowl full of salad before you start off with your meal. If you are eating a bowl of fruits, add the ones with an astringent taste. Citrus fruits like oranges or a dash of lemon juice shall beat the urge to eat more.

▶Chewing-gum : The act of chewing gum propels release of saliva and gastric juices. This tricks our mind into thinking that there's food entering your stomach. Thus decreasing your appetite. The mint also keeps cravings at bay. ▶One plate rule: The one-plate rule is largely followed for going calorie- deficit. Take whatever required but take it only once. When you have the entire cooked meal in front of you, you'll tend to keep adding more to your plate, even if you are full. Make sure to add a good proportion of vegetables and complex carbs.

▶No T.V : Netflix and chill is becoming a major cause of binge watching. Researches show how people who don’t watch television during eating have a lower BMI. Paying attention to what you eat promotes ‘MINDFUL-EATING’. Set time aside for television but never eat while you watch! ▶ EAT MORE OFTEN: This by far the best method to speed up metabolism. While you do so keep in mind ‘how much’ you eat. It is recommended that instead of having 3 heavy meals, one must break it down into 6 meals a day.

Disha Surwase
April 5, 2020, 8:54 p.m.

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