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The fast-paced lifestyle today has targeted more and more women with thyroid issues. The word ‘thyroid’ is often mistaken for a condition causing weight gain and bloating. While the thyroid is just a gland secreting the thyroid hormone, reduction in its secretion leads to hypothyroidism as seen in Seema’s case. A slow-paced metabolism causes unpleasant bloating resulting in putting on weight. But these conditions could never stop Seema from achieving what she wanted to. And we at THE HEALTHY COMPANY take pride in women like her. Seema pulled down 9 kilograms in a span of approximately 3 months.

Let’s peek into her journey and find out how she managed it all. After realizing that relying on glamorous and artificial weight loss products would only make her fall in her own trap, she approached us. After going thoroughly through her work schedules, she took up the two months detox diet plan and followed it with dedication and consistency. It consisted of our personalized diet recommendations, our 100% natural products like protein bars and green tea.

They are available in almost every supermarket today. So, why us? Our products are added with the Spirulina blend! It is a ‘good’ cyanobacteria with numerous health benefits. Especially the ones associated with increased muscle strength and endurance are commendable. Hence unlike other diet plans, you tend to feel less exhausted while following your regime. Also, spirulina has anti-cancerous properties and rules out the risks of various cardiovascular diseases. Let’s have a look at how these products aid weight loss. Protein bar • The added almonds and walnuts are not only rich sources of proteins but also give the body just the required amount of fat. • Proteins get metabolized last, making you feel fuller for longer times. • The protein bars are easy to access and can be eaten as a filler to avoid hunger pangs.

Lean Green Tea. • The antioxidant effects of green tea are known to all of us. Catechin is the major antioxidant responsible for burning fat. • Improves the metabolism necessary for breaking down the waste metabolites. • It contains just the necessary amount of caffeine which kick starts the process of fat burning. • It is an easy-to-make beverage that is recommended in almost all diet plans. • The astringent property helps curb one’s cravings for carbs. • Theanine- an amino acid found in green tea has anti-depressing effects, making you feel refreshed and avoids weight gain due to depression or anxiety. Seema has proved that no ailments can get into her radar of positivity. With a little sincerity, all of us can accomplish our weight goals and THE HEALTHY COMPANY extends you a warm welcome. So that we together can set higher targets and achieve them!

Disha Surwase
Feb. 4, 2020, 8:11 p.m.

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