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‘Quarantine’, the word itself has started to dread us all. But it seems that this is our only way out of these dark times. If only we were isolated with our beloved friends in Disneyland! But alas! Until then, let us do our part, in curbing the spread of this pandemic and serving our nation by staying home! Among the many drawbacks is the fact that we all are at a higher risk of becoming couch potatoes. Physical inactivity even mental for that matter of fact might cause irreversible changes in our body. Let us think of this quarantine period as a blessing in disguise and try to make the most out of this time by giving our body the care it always needed.

1. MEDITATE : Meditation is to be mind what exercise is to the body. Most of us might be working from home which might really get frustrating at times. We are so accustomed to a busy schedule that the free time might reduce our productivity and also literally clog up our minds. We all need patience to survive this time. So start off the day on a positive note. Meditation isn’t a rocket science as it is portrayed. You can just close your eyes and make a to-do list for the day. This helps to align our thoughts. 2. MINDFUL EATING: Netflix and binge, is it? We can’t argue that this might be one of the best ideas to kill time. But if this is your only activity for the day, you need to re-think. One might land up eating a lot more. Since, our physical exercises have largely reduced, our body’s calorie demand has also decreased. So cut out on empty calories. Try to not stock on items like chips, ice-creme and aerated drinks.

3. Home exercises : You require treadmills and weights only for excuses and never to lose weight! The best weight is probably our own body weight. So opt for exercised like planks, push-ups, spot jogging or Tabata! These don’t require equipment and are a crazy fat burner. This is also the best time to try and practice yoga. Some of the best yogic exercises to burn fat are – Suryanamaskar, Naukasana (Boat pose) and Baddha Konasa (Cobbler’s pose). 4. Try new healthy recipes: Own the kitchen! It’s time you tried something new. You know your preferences and your diet rules and requirements more than anyone else. Keep experimenting with new ingredients and make them work your way. There are a variety of diet recipes available on the net. This way you might even master a new skill.

5. Keep moving: We are not in our colleges and offices, so we are probably sitting on a sofa or on our beds for a longer while. Majority of the times, we are assuming a wrong posture. No wonder our backs hurt! Make sure you don’t sit at a place for more than 40 minutes. Get up, drink water and give those muscles a nice stretch! This way you won’t feel lethargic rather more active. These small habits can go a long way in staying fit. 6. Take up a household chore: Chances are that our housemaids are also self-isolating themselves. Contributing to a daily task would ensure that you are playing your part and can also be a good workout session. Let us try to make the most of our free-time. STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. Happy Quarantine!

Disha Surwase
March 26, 2020, 1:54 p.m.

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