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What is body image? Body image is the thought that crops up in your mind when you look at your own body. It is how you perceive it. It is about what you think and how you feel about your body. “Delete that picture, I look fat it in” or “Take it from a lower angle my legs will look long and slender”- When you look into the mirror or look at your photo, do you find yourself constantly judging the way you look? Blame it on society or on your habit of overthinking. If this is the scenario you are probably undergoing through something known as ‘Body Dysmorphic Syndrome’ which simply means that the mind creates negative body images in our head. Don’t worry because here are a few tips that will surely help us all to overcome it.

1. ACCEPT AND APPRECIATE: “Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” – Ellen Degeneres. Change begins the moment we start accepting the way we are. Whether obese or thin, dark or light, hairy or bald, every person is beautiful in a unique manner. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know the art of appreciation and is probably at a war with himself. 2. BUILD YOUR PERSONALITY: A confident person is the sexiest! Confidence comes by letting go of fear, practicing it every day and not merely by watching motivational documentaries. Stand in front of a mirror and speak your mind out. Read books, a lot of them! Keep yourself updated about the current affairs and trends so that you don’t feel missed out in a group discussion. Surround yourself with positive people and never stop learning. Make self-goals are work towards it. Keep doing a SWOT analysis for yourself.

3. EAT CLEAN: ‘Love your body because you only have one.’ And it is out utter responsibility to maintain it. Body maintenance isn’t expensive but comes from a simple habit of eating clean. No amount of external polishing will clean it until it repairs from within. Healthy eating should not be a special task rather a lifestyle habit. This doesn’t mean we give up on our favorite dessert! It is about eating more organic than junk. Around 80% of your nutrition should come from vegetables, fruits and healthy carbs. Small changes like permanently switching to multigrain (complex) carbohydrates instead of simpler one goes a long way. Try and maintain a food journal as well. 4. EXERCISE to maintain the health of your body: Getting a cosmetic body isn’t the sole purpose of exercising. It also helps in feeling rejuvenated. Here, we are not advocating that a slender body is the most aesthetic but ‘fitness’ I what we are promoting. A sense of a ‘FIT’ body will largely contribute to a positive body image.

5. PRACTICE SELF-HYGIENE AND DRESS WELL: We have all re-learnt a lesson about self-hygiene in the recent times. Keep your body clean and dress well. This kicks out lethargies, leaving you feel refreshed. Dressing well is not synonyms with wearing expensive clothes. Take out your best outfit which makes you feel the most confident about yourself! 6. REWARD YOURSELF. Gift yourself some quality time of your own. Everyone’s has a hobby which they put down in their priority list and it gets suppressed over the years. Having your ‘me’ time allows you to re-kindle these hobbies and communicate with yourself better. When this happens, the mind starts attracting positivity and builds a positive body image.

Disha Surwase
April 5, 2020, 7:50 p.m.

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