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“Tried the One Month Weight loss plan and it really worked amazingly!” – Jennifer. Most of us don’t realize that we aren’t truly fit until we take some health test online or see a fitter person walking by. When it comes to weight loss, things seem even more difficult. Most of us are unaware about what our ideal weight should be. The reason being that there is no one ‘ideal weight’. It changes according height, sex and age. But we don’t really have to be obsessed with attaining the perfect body. As long as we feel good in our skin and achieve near to normal levels, we are good! For this one needs to strike while the iron is hot. Monitoring our weight regularly and early interventions goes a long way in staying fit. Jennifer is among the many people who swear to take care of their health and pay close attention to their well-being.

Let’s see what she has got to share…. “There are some fitness freak influencers on this planet and then there are people like us who aren’t really obsessed with fitness. I was always on the thinner side of the spectrum. So the major challenge before me was maintaining this weight. Weighing the same forever is difficult. I started gaining a few pounds around two months back. I realized that if I don’t act early, I might soon reach an unbridgeable gap. So I started early. I came across The Healthy Company through an instagram ad. I saw how people had shed weight in a healthy manner. I had nothing to lose so I decided to go for it. Within a few weeks I was feeling more refreshed. Within a month or two I had achieved my weight-loss goal. What really impresses me is that how genuine the products were. We often see people weighing overweight and within a few weeks they have these ripped bodies and shocking numbers. A healthy weight loss has to be steady and gradual. Anything otherwise is not healthy and these people are more likely to regain the lost weight.”

What was her Diet like? Jennifer was never a fan of hardcore dieting. She never starved. She ate almost everything and had moderate restrictions on intake of junk food. She opted for the One Month Weight loss plan which includes both the lean green tea as well as the lean protein bar. The Spirulina Infused Lean green tea was the first thing she had in the morning and the last thing before going to bed. She had the lean protein bar for breakfast alongside some nuts and healthy snacks. Jennifer claims the fibrous bar really kept her fuller for longer times. She had a sweet tooth. Sugar and sweet seems so contradictory to weight loss but as we say, if consumed in moderation nothing is harmful. She did cut down on her sugar intake and lean green tea helped her to curb these cravings. She is a classical dancer and that was her only workout. She never really joined the gym for weight loss. She believes that small changes like skipping the escalator and taking the steps can go a long way in weight maintenance.

Jennifer asks us all to start small. Small changes, small efforts shall get us through. She advises us to keep realistic goals. There’s no point in setting unrealistic goals and being unable to achieve it only to make us feel demotivated. When we start small and find positive results it encourages us to go for more! At THE HEALTHY COMPANY, we totally agree with Jennifer and her practical tips. We take pride in her for telling us that no weight-loss is small. As we say, there’s nothing a good diet cannot do! People like Jennifer keep inspiring us all through their success stories and you too could become a part of this HEALTHY family!

Disha Surwase
May 1, 2020, 8:39 p.m.

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