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Riya was among the many young women having hectic work schedules and was aiming at weight loss while being able to manage her social and work commitments. At THE HEALTHY COMPANY she found her perfect diet plan and lost 8kgs in just two months! When asked how she feels about her accomplishment, she says, “The diet plans have work wonders on me. It has helped me achieve my weight goals. But what amuses me the most is that I did not feel tired like most people on diet. Also, my skin is has become healthier and is glowing like never before.” <b>How did she get there?</b> Let’s take a trail through her journey of accomplishing her ‘perfect body’ goals.

Riya took up our double detox diet plan for two months. It primarily consisted of our Lean Green Tea.<a href="">(Click Here)</a> She followed the regime religiously and was consistent with it. While she started feeling a reduction in a bloating after the very first week, at the end of two months the weight loss was quite obvious to her acquaintances as well. The double detox green tea comes in two different flavours. Refreshing mint and soothing peach

Green tea has been proven to show numerous health benefits. But what makes our green tea stand out is the added blend of Spirulina.<b>What is Spirulina? </b>Spirulina is an essential cyanobacteria which aids in improving endurance and strength. No wonder it is referred to as ‘Power-Food’. Also its anti-cancerous properties are worth the appreciation. <section class="mb4"> <h2 class="mb3"> Benefits of the Lean Green Tea: </h2> <ol class=""> <li class="mb4"> Boosts metabolism <li class="mb4"> Antioxidants like catechins helps burn fat. <li class="mb4"> Leaves you feeling refreshed. <li class="mb4">Curbs the craving for junk carbohydrates. <li class="mb4"> Is low in calorie, so your calorie intake is automatically regulated and is under control. <li class="mb4"> It is a good substitute for tetra pack juices or beverages that claim to be ‘low in sugar’ and with ‘zero-calories’. <li class="mb4">It does not contain added artificial chemicals. It keeps you away from processed green teas. <li class="mb4">The antioxidant properties rule out formation of free radicals in cells and thus keep them in good condition. This improves your skin health. They say take care of your skin it is going to represent you for a long time. But taking into consideration today’s polluted environment it is challenging to do so. But with Lean Green Tea this is now a possibility. <li class="mb4"> Theanine in green tea helps relieve stress and the weight gain manifesting due to it. <li class="mb4"> It contains just the right amount of caffeine that enhances fat burn. </ol> </section>

Like Riya you can make fat loss easier with us. Your guide to losing weight is just a click away! At The Healthy Company we extend you a warm welcome towards your dream body!

Disha Surwase
May 25, 2019, 6:10 p.m.

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