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“When nothing worked, The Healthy Company’s Detox plan came as a rescuer to me. All my health problems including PCOS and bloating started to disappear” – Anjali. Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder or PCOS is a common condition affecting one in every 10 women with the incidence rates steadily increasing. The average age group of a woman diagnosed with PCOS has gone down. One can blame the current lifestyle, stress or genetic predisposition to be some of the important factors contributing to it. Anjali was one such woman who happened to experience the undesirable effects of this condition which took a toll on her health.

Let’s see what she has got to share… “My body never felt so heavy. I was always on the thinner side of the spectrum. Within a span of 4 months, I gained around 27 kilograms. I was stunned. My dresses did not fit me anymore, I started feeling lethargic and demotivated. Soon I realized that I was having PCOS. So I started my quest for losing weight. I listened to the many pieces of advice that my friends gave me. Some directed to quit rice, while some others told me to give up on ‘chapati’ and go gluten-free. I was confused and did not have proper guidance at that time. To my surprise in the coming days, my hunger subsided. This only added to the existing problems. My digestive system was gone for a toss. Issues like constipation built up and it made me bloat. My face had puffed up. I couldn’t take it any longer. It had to stop at some point. I came across The Healthy Company and made my mind to buy the ONE MONTH DETOX plan. It was around this time that I started exercising as well. My gut was no longer the same, it regained its health and my digestion improved right from the first week. I was losing around 1.5-2 kilograms in a week. From here things only improved. Today I have lost 11 kg and I am keen on becoming more fit”

What was her diet ? Anjali never advocated skipping a meal or starving as a solution to weight gain. She has always been a fan of Indian food and believes that it is the best source of nutrition. There are numerous fads and myths about diet for losing weight. Anjali postulates that the best diet is the one that suits your body. Every body is different, therefore there is no one standard way to lose weight. One needs to consult the right person, choose a diet and make it work their way. The positive changes that Anjali started experiencing came after she changed her eating habits. She had a proper breakfast and a proper lunch which included everything right from a bowl of rice to curd. The major switch she made was adding a greater proportion of vegetables and fruits in the diet. Dinner was kept light and usually wrapped up before 8pm. She consumed the LEAN GREEN TEA every night before going to bed. As days passed her menstrual cycle became more regular, her digestion showed significant improvement, her good health made a comeback and she only emerged out of it more confident and fit.

There’s nothing that a good diet cannot do. Trust us, it can make wonders happen. Many women like Anjali have made it happen. At THE HEALTHY COMPANY, we take pride in women like Anjali. To be honest we attribute her success to her consistency and the unwavering determination that she has displayed. Today over 50000+ people have successfully lost their weight. You too can become a part of this HEALTHY family!

Disha Surwase
March 30, 2020, 7:15 p.m.

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