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Heart burn? Feelings of nausea that don’t let you sleep at night? Unexplained headaches following a busy day? Clearly it’s acidity. Acidity these days is very common. One can blame our eating habits, bizarre timings of having dinner, lack of sleep and a very cruel habit of not drinking enough water! All these things contribute towards a poor metabolism. When our metabolism isn’t strong, the food doesn’t get processed easily. In other words, the digestive system slows down. This also happens when we gulp down a large amount of food in a relatively short time. Or when we skip meals and stay hungry for long. This leads to building up of excess acid in our stomach which finds its way out in the form of acid ‘REFLUX’. So if we want to end it, we must practice habits that aim at improving metabolism. Here are some:

1. Time your meal: Our ancestors used to get done with their dinner by 8pm. As we are moving ahead in time, there are literally no fixed times for eating. Moreover, binge watching and late night snacks have taken us all by large. When we eat at fixed intervals our body is prepared to receive food. It is like training your gut. Also the fact, that eating regularly and having your dinner early has proven to help in weightless, speaks a lot about how it positively effects the metabolism. 2. Eat clean: Eat as clean and organic as you can! India is known for its spices and the life it adds to our food. However, we often tend to overuse them on a regular basis. Extra sweet, extra spicy, extra tangy is what we all look for. Make a habit of eating plain, simple food 4 out of 7 days in a week. Consume more whole grains, give up processed food and switch to unsaturated fats.

3. Give up the junk! Needless to say, the harmful effects of aerated drinks, rancid oil, and extra cheese on our body are near to irreversible. The best way to control your junk food intake is by planning your cheat meals for the week and abiding by your schedule. 4. Never skip your breakfast: Why don’t we hear ‘never skip lunch’ or ‘never skip snacks’ even when all these meals are important as well? The reason being if you skip breakfast, which happens to be the first meal, you will pretty much mess up rest of the meals for the day. Having a fiber-rich breakfast keeps us fuller for longer times. This way you won’t crave or a heavy lunch or an extremely full filling dinner.

5. Consume beverages like Green Tea: Green tea has long been known for boosting metabolism. The Healthy Company’s Lean Green Tea is infused with Spirulina. Spirulina is an organic supplement which is rich in proteins and fibers. It is proven to speed metabolism, fight acidity and numerous other gastro-intestinal ailments. Having a cup lean green tea before going to bed or early in the morning has shown to improve digestion and also ignite fat loss. 6. Do not sleep on your right side: If we look at the anatomy of our alimentary canal, the food pipe or the esophagus opens into the right side of our stomach. If you have had dinner late and went to bed immediately, changes are, that the acid and undigested bolus might escape the stomach through this food pipe. Therefore, make a habit of keeping adequate time between your dinner and sleep.

Disha Surwase
May 4, 2020, 8:39 p.m.

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