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Age is just a number. It is easier said than done. With aging your body makes several changes that you need to look out for. We tend to ignore the signs that our body shows up thus our health goes for a toss. Several systems start slowing down. Nevertheless, one can also make the necessary changes and lead an old age more exhilarating than his youth! A major way to do so is by eating right. There are certain nutrients that our body is in dire need of at this age. Achieving their balance can go a long away in staying fit and active. Here’s a list-

Importance of Calcium Osteoporosis is quite prevalent once your bone density starts declining. Hence calcium intake is highlighted as age advances. If the serum calcium level reduces, there is an increased activity of bones which lead to reabsorption of calcium, depleting the calcium in bones. We often see calcium supplements been prescribed to them. However, inculcating calcium-rich foods from right from the start might significantly reduce the chances of highly porous bones. Most of the dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and milk do the trick. The Protein Play They were introduced to us as the ‘building blocks of our body’; now that geriatrics need a lot of cell repair and regeneration they need to be employed in the diet. They can also help to combat the reduction in muscular strength and hair loss. Older adults must up their protein intake to about 1g per kilogram of their body weight. Dietary sources which are reservoirs of proteins include- • Tofu • Beans and Legumes • Meat and fishes like sardines and tuna are excellent sources of lean proteins.

Regulating the Sweet Tooth... Diseases like diabetes which is very common after the age of 50 tricks many into consuming artificial sweeteners. However, their proven health benefits are few to none. In fact, it’s over consumption has shown effects similar to those of sugar which includes weight gain, tooth decay, increased blood glucose levels and so on. Even healthy individuals must keep their sugar intake regulated. Therefore sweet tooth can be subsided by eating natural sweeteners like- • Jaggery • Fruits like mangos, grapes and sapota (chikoo). Vital Vitamins We find it cardinal to highlight vitamin C which is responsible for the formation and strength of collagen. With advancing age collagen loses its elasticity and tensile strength which can be blamed for dry and saggy skin in oldies. Eyesight also starts giving up with glaucoma being a frequent condition. This can be managed with Vitamin A which is essential for retinol formation. Food that consists these vitamins are- • Kiwis and Avocado • Carrots • Berries: From raspberry, blueberry, acai berries, you name it! All of them are low calorie and contain ample vitamins. Fetch the Fibre Fibres are perhaps a sublime choice when it comes to regulating blood pressure, lowering risks of stroke and other heart diseases, maintaining the blood sugar levels and weight loss. They are attributed to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Soluble fibres which are not easily metabolized, lead to water retention in the digested food. Thus it ensures easy passage of faecal matter, preventing hard stools or constipation. The lavish sources are- • Oats • Whole wheat pasta and bread • Leafy vegetables Carbohydrates and fats If you are a grey-haired, young at heart involved in a lot of physical activity, your carbohydrate intake must be good and rich. Also, fats must be consumed in moderation. However, if your life is not highly proactive, you must consider cutting down on the fats. This would avoid the prevalent risks of fatty liver, cholesterol, atherosclerosis and so on.

We believe and understand that ‘YOLO’, having said that it is essential to cut down significantly on alcohol and any other bad habits. Flush them before they flush you out! With healthy eating, the patterns of eating must also be regular. Eating right and at fixed intervals also reduces the risks of depression. They rightly say that fifty is just the youth of old age! Welcome back to your youth. Stay healthy and fit and make the most of it!

Disha Surwase
Nov. 30, 2019, 11:38 p.m.

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