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We know that feeling; it can arguably be qualified among the most uncomfortable ones. With the kind of lifestyles we live in today, constipation is on a rise. However, its intensity differs from person to person. While constipation is typically caused by a lack of dietary fibers, other factors like sedentary lifestyle, weak core muscles post surgeries, strong narcotic medications, diseases like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can also lead to the same. In this blog, we will focus on how to reverse or prevent constipation through a change in nutrition.

1. Fluids, Fluids and Fluids. It’s all said and done. Yet we lack to take in the adequate amount. It catalyses the breakdown of food. Avoid caffeinated drinks. Making smoothies and juices is the death knell of all the fibres in fruits. It might provide satiety but it no more remains a remedy for constipation. Instead opt for ice tea, lemonades, water infused with mentha or citrus fruits. Drinking warm beverages have an edge over ice-cold water. 2. Fibres. This too goes without saying. While water is essential for smooth passage of stools, Fibres are the one that retains it. It is a natural laxative. The percentage of fibres in various fruits differs. • Fruits like avocados, apples, pears, oranges, kiwi and bananas are rich in fibres. Although unripe bananas may lead to hard stools due to the high starch content. • Berries contain a lot of good fibres. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, you name them. All of them will help you relieve. • Leafy greens like lettuces, kale, and spinach contain high fibres. Also, veggies like asparagus, cabbage, zucchini, Brussels, and broccoli are rich sources of the same. • Sprouts are also highly recommended. • Whole grains contain much more fibres than their counterparts like cornstarch and wheat.

3. Laxatives and other clinically prescribed supplements are sure to ease the passage of your stools. Although treating through home remedies is always less harmful. All the above-mentioned cures must be complemented by exercises designed to twist the colon and promote increased bowel moments.

What to avoid. • Drinks like coffee and tea contain caffeine and tannins which may trigger IBS. Alcohol can cause some serious dehydration making things even more difficult. • Food high in starch and gluten like wheat, cornflour, white pasta, bread and so on can slow down the rate at which your food passes. • Junk food high in carbs must be avoided at all costs. • Wave goodbye to wrong eating patterns like eating at irregular intervals and at late at night. Make sure you chew your food well instead of gulping it all at once. Thus eliminating the load and rendering a helping hand to your gut. • Avoid eating heavy, rich meals. Instead, break it down to a good number of portions. Constipation can definitely be the last thing you desire. Chronic constipation may even interfere with your regular chores. But with a little discipline and alterations in your diet, relief is definitely a possibility.

Disha Surwase
Jan. 31, 2020, 10:48 a.m.

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