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In this 21st century, when fitness is on the rise, everyone needs a fit and healthy body. But, the sad part is the misleading information that the fitness industry wants us to believe is that all of us need to go to the gym, buy expensive supplements and only then can we achieve a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us going to the gym have the wrong notion regarding fitness.

The main idea of a health body is to get rid of the impurities in the body and that's where detoxification plays a pivotal role in living a health life. Detoxification (or detox or body cleansing) is the process which aims to get rid of the toxic and undesirable substances from our body for long term health benefits. The key to unlocking the truth behind a healthy body is treat your body like a temple and feeding it the right food for living a disease free life. Most of the people have some or no information regarding the harmful effects that toxins have on our body in the long term.

Toxins in our body cause inflammations and increase the risk of cancer and other terrible diseases, having heavy metals in your body may lead to mercury poisoning and that’s not what anyone of us need. In today’s world that is full of pollution and highly adulterated and unhealthy diet, the need of detoxification is greater than ever and this process will not leave a whole in your pocket as the process of detoxification can be made successful through just a few tweaks to your diet; some addition and some restrictions of particular food items will help you to achieve your fitness goals. And this includes laxatives, diuretics, vitamins, minerals, teas and other food items that have detoxifying properties. This is the reason why the big fitness and health giants don’t want the public to know this information. Along with this, the doctors don’t uphold the idea of detoxification for the sole reason that enough research hasn’t been done.

However, it is common sense that when our body is free for heavy metals, toxic substances, only then can our different organs stay healthy for a long term and this can be achieved with few simple changes like getting enough sleep, drinking loading of water, eliminating tension, reduce the intake of sugar and processed food, decrease salt intake and many other simple yet important changes to your life style. Therefore, start detoxifying your body from this moment as this is the key to staying fit and healthy for the long term.

Disha Surwase
Sept. 19, 2019, 4:57 p.m.

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