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Novel Corona Virus Disease or COVID19 as it is rightly named, has taken the world by large. It has crossed all geographical and cultural borders, leading the WHO to declare it a Pandemic! We heard about the first victims in Wuhan and now it has entered our city, causing the neighborhood to shut down. But by now we know that is disease can be stopped by spreading by being vigilant at all times. As for today, it’s cure is not found although the newly found vaccines seem promising. We have come across numerous studies which point towards how Spirulina can indirectly help against viral diseases.

What is Spirulina? Spirulina is the dried biomass of Arthrospira Plantesis which is a cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), one among the many oxygen giving species on our planet. Due to it’s many benefits, spirulina is now known as a ‘super food’. It is a reservoir of proteins containing about 60% of it. A 100gm of spirulina sachet contains 58grams of protein which exceeds the protein content found in chicken meat, tuna, tofu and even cheese. It is dense in Vitamins which are required to prevent cell damage, this way it strengthens the immunity. It has shown to reduce blood-sugar levels and burn fats. Statistics show how the corona virus has been more fatal in those with previously existing medical conditions. It’s clear that treating co-morbidities like hypertension, diabetes can surely indirectly help us protect against the disease. But can it’s anti-viral effects directly aid to cure this disease? Let’s find out…

What does Research say? In-vitro studies show how spriluna can inhibit inflammatory responses. This property has helped to curb inflammatory conditions like allergic rhinitis. The damage that such conditions cause are primarily due to the uncontrolled inflammation which might later turn into fibrosis. Which is very much the case seen in all SARS like viruses. The anti-viral effects have shown to prevent replication of RNA viruses. To verify this, researches tried administrating oral preparations of spirulina in influenza struck mice. It was found that spirulina increased survival rates and decreased the viral load in these mice. This blue-green algae has also been used by ancient civilizations as remedy for common cold.

Conclusion: The immune-modulatory effects of spirulina might prove to be beneficial for mankind. Whether or not it may help us against COVID19 is unknown. But it may surely help us build a stronger immune system which can go a long way in keeping diseases at bay. Please note: The above article does not guarantee that Spirulina and it’s preparations can cure the newly found corona virus. The article only reflects on what various studies suggest. As for now no sure shot cure is obtained for this virus but let us all realize our crucial role as a citizen for stopping the spread of this lethal but preventable disease. TOGETHER WE CAN! References: Sciencedirect- biological sciences NCBI-researches published on spirulina.

Disha Surwase
March 18, 2020, 11:28 a.m.

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