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While we are running out of ‘creative’ things to do in lockdown, watching movies will always be an all-time favorite option! Now let’s accept it, it is the bingeing that makes it even more fun. With less physical activity, all of us are bound to put on weight. But that’s okay. These are times to be easy on yourselves. But with bingeing comes digestion issues and ailments like acidity. It is always a good option to give our stomachs a break. Here are few easy things you can do after you have binged for the entire day!

1. Decide your cheat days: Cheat days are not meant only on days when you are dieting. Pre-deciding your days of bingeing and strictly adhering to it goes a long way. Look at binging as a reward to eat clean throughout the week! 2. Eat clean gradually for the next 3 days: Make Imagine eating a tub of ice cream and switching to carrots the other day! Clearly it will make you crave more. Next 2-3 day should involve eating more clean and whole foods and even natural laxatives. Make sure the process is gradual and you adapt to it.

3. Green tea to the rescue! : Green is an amazing option for a natural detox. It boots metabolism, make digestion easier. Its effects on fat burning is a plus point! Having two cups of green tea in warm water, preferably after dinner can work wonders! 4. Don’t starve to undo it: Skipping meals is the worst idea to manage weight. This will only pave way for further cravings. Instead, eat less but more often.

5. Get Moving: Working out is the best way to shed off any extra calories. It is a great way to make up for any bingeing you did last time. Additionally, it is satisfying. 6. Shop wisely and clear all the junk in the house: If you are firm on not bingeing for the next few weeks, you want to consider these options. We unknowingly tend to feed on the sugar in the processed foods. Taking them off your kitchen cabinets rules out this possibility.

Disha Surwase
May 25, 2020, 11:27 a.m.

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