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There is no defined roadmap for a weight loss journey. Ever individual has their own unique story to define. Stories influenced by their own lifestyle, habits, age, diet and workout routine. Two individuals might eat the same food, weigh the same, yet they lose weight in different ways. Why weight loss for men and women differ? Due to biological and physiological reasons weight loss for men and women differs from each other. Here we have listed the ways how shedding weight in both the genders is different:

• They gain weight differently- The first thing is that both men and women gain weight different, so surely they will lose them differently. For Menstruating women the major concern is the area around the hips. Postmenopausal women again gain weight around the abdomen due to hormonal changes, whereas Men tend to gain weight around the abdomen. Due to this strategy, their strategy to lose weight varies from each others. • Psychological factor- It is common for women to speak openly about diet and weight loss, but men still hesitate. Women discuss and ask questions about diet and weight loss. This is one of the reasons why they have more knowledge in this area. When it comes to men they tend to take extreme measures like skipping the meal all day, which backfires. However, the scenario is now changing and now even men are seeking professional advice to lose weight. • Dealing with stress- Stress plays a crucial role in the entire weight loss journey. How well you handle the stress level determines how quickly you will lose weight. Both the genders are affected by stress, but for women handling stress is a little more difficult than men and this influences their weight loss journey. To lose weight quickly, one needs to learn the right way to handle stress. • Emotional rollercoaster relationship with food- Both men and women have varying relationship with food. Their food preferences are distinct to each other. Studies suggest that women are more drawn towards a plant-based diet, while men pick meat products. Besides, women are more prone to indulge in unhealthy food as compared to men due to hormonal differences. • Muscle mass- If we compare the physical factor, then men have more muscle mass and less fat mass as compared to women due to the high level of testosterone. Muscle burns more calories than fat at rest and requires more calories to maintain a healthy weight. So, men need to eat more calories than women when trying to shed kilos. It is also a reason why women need to add strength training in their workout routine to gain muscle mass.

After knowing all these facts most people think that men have an advantage when it comes to weight loss. Even after following the same diet and workout routine, men tend to lose weight faster as compared to women. But is this really true or just in our heads. Let's find out? Yes, it’s scientifically proven men lose weight more quickly than women. Scientists say the way men’s bodies are built and even where they store fat helps them lose weight more easily than women. Physiologically, men are built to burn fat more quickly. They have more lean muscle mass and a naturally higher metabolic rate. Lean muscle mass also consumes more calories, so the more your body has, the more your body burns. Likewise, the number of calories in the study unfairly benefited men, too. Because of their higher metabolism, men often need to consume more calories each day to meet their resting metabolic rate — that is, what their body needs to fulfill basic functions like sleeping and breathing. With this diet, men and women consumed an equal amount. However, that amount was a larger calorie deficit for the men than for the women. The higher weight loss results could be expected on this fact alone.

Men typically carry their weight in their midsection. This is called visceral fat. When your body sheds visceral fat, it actually supercharges your metabolism and helps you burn more calories. It’s a fat loss win-win. Women, however, tend to carry their fat around their hips, thighs, and butt. This type of fat, called subcutaneous fat, is important for childbearing and menstruation, but it does nothing for your metabolic health when you lose it. The lesson for women: It is advised to avoid emotional eating when trying to lose weight. Like if you had a bad day, do not have your favourite food to cheer yourself up, this will hinder your weight loss plan.

Diksha Kashyap
Oct. 31, 2020, 6:23 p.m.

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