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Green-Tea is loaded with all types of antioxidants that have a host of health benefits. It keeps your body cleansed and hydrated. Enriched with super ingredients like spirulina that has content, high fiber antioxidants which have potent biological effects like controlling weight naturally and improving the quality of your skin and hair. But do you know how this magical Green-Tea aids in weight loss? “Green-tea helps increase your metabolic rate and aid in weight loss.”

Let’s know what Supriya has to say about her weight loss journey with The Healthy Company. Whenever the wedding season comes most of us get worried about our belly fat and waist line and start searching for supplements, follow different kinds of diet and exercises. Like other people I also did the same and came across the magical green-tea by ‘The Healthy Company’ and started seeing positive differences in my waistline in just one week only. Due to workload, travelling and daily life activities I used to feel tired and felt restless during night which resulted into putting up weight. I cut down the caffeine intake, started consuming green-tea thrice a day, In morning instead of loading my body with caffeine i started consuming lean green-tea with fresh fruits, after lunch and before bed time. It keeps me refreshed and I feel energetic throughout the day, it also helps me with good sleep. The taste of mint green-tea is so soothing I enjoyed having it thrice a day.

Coming to my weight loss, though my weight-loss was slow as I couldn’t have lean bars due to braces in my teeth, I lost 2kgs in the initial one month and was amazingly impressed by the positive result in waistline and stubborn belly fat, i felt more confident in flaunting in saree this wedding season. I would say lean green-tea is the best recommended plan for everyone.

Supriya changed her habits and stayed focused towards her goal and believed in consistency. By taking small steps in right direction and staying consistent with the plan, you can also flaunt your waistline like her every wedding season, 3 cups of lean green-tea every day is equal to good health forevermore, start your journey with ‘The Healthy Company’ today and get your exclusive plan and health coach membership to your wellness and happiness all year around.

Diksha kashyap
Dec. 30, 2020, 5:56 p.m.

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