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Let's look back, the decade back into our parents’ and grandparents’ life. They use to have good immunity because they used to follow a healthy lifestyle. Coming towards the era in which we are living in, With modernization and tech ‘savviness’ we started to rely more on junk foods containing fatty oils and more of spices and have formed the habit of late sleeping. It's like people are more hooked to their cell phone and prefer more of unhealthy foods. This not only effects our lifestyle but also a major cause of our bad health and new ‘kind’ of diseases.

I personally suggest following these Methods for a Healthy Lifestyle: 1. Wake up early in the morning, do some exercise or 10-15 minutes’ walk in fresh air. 2. If you have time, take a sun bath immediately after sun rises. 3. Eat something Healthy. 4. 15 minutes of Meditation/workout. 5. Set Your Top 3 priorities. 6. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day (10-20 glasses of water everyday) 7. Eat light and raw food. 8. Don't stay up too late. (6-8 hours sleep) In case you still have doubts about how your lifestyle plays a role in weight loss and better immunity, read the 8 golden points again. If you have a habit of eating late, try to have dinner by 8 pm. This could be followed by salad, fruits and nuts, if you feel hunger pangs at night.

Diksha Kashyap
Oct. 22, 2020, 6:36 p.m.

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