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Pandemic has negatively affected the overall health of almost every individual. Due to abrupt changes in daily routines including our eating pattern,the lockdown has affected the sleep cycle and overall mental and physical health globally. Weight gain has been a concern for many during this lockdown.

Let’s take a look into how Diya achieved her weight loss goal during lockdown! Diya believes it’s always better to lose weight earlier in life because it helps you to maintain healthy life across the life course. The moment Diya realised that she has put up some extra weight in lockdown she set her goal to lose 2kg in a month naturally because she believes ‘setting attainable goals always helps to hit the bigger target in no time.’ According to Diya the only secret to induce fat loss is boosting your metabolism. All activities in our body depend on our basal metabolic rate i.e BMR. Fat loss occurs when your metabolism is speedy and the reverse takes place with a faulty metabolic rate. Soon she came across The Healthy Company Detox Plan.

Let’s see what she has to share with us: When I started I was 64 kilos and today I am 58! Continuous use of LEAN GREEN TEA helped me to boost my metabolism naturally and I followed a diet commonly known as “Ghar Ka Khana”. Diet Followed: I had basically cut down most of carbs from my regular diet and instead of taking regular sugar I used sugar substitutes like: honey and instead of sweetening my dessert I started dressing them with berries, raisins and nuts. In Breakfast- 2 Boiled eggs, avocado and brown bread, healthy smoothies, In Lunch- A Bowl of Daal and salad, and In Dinner - 2 chapatis daal/omelette. Followed by 3 cups of Lean Green-Tea everyday. Continuous use of Detox plan by ‘The Healthy Company’ helped me in rapid weight loss and I lost 6 kilos in a month. The flavour of green-tea is mild and natural in terms of taste, I can also see the difference in my skin, it's glowing and I feel more refreshed.

If you also want to take care of your body and health now without using any medicines and doing it all at home naturally, start your fitness journey with us. Join the family of 50,000+ happy customers today!

Diksha kashyap
Jan. 5, 2021, 5:19 p.m.

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