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Weight management is something that needs to be natural and in a balanced way.When it comes to a new beginning and being more focused towards a healthy lifestyle, it is important to shift your mindset from being goal oriented to habit oriented. You must be very clear about what are the habits and boundaries you are ready to set to achieve your target. It is also very important to be consistent with a proper weight loss plan and focusing on healthy eating habits.

Here’s what Ilma has to say about her immense transformation : The moment when I realised that this is the time when I should be more focused towards my health I totally changed my eating habits, kept a proper track of my calories intake and focused on being positive and physically active, I did not hit the gym or did any kind of vigorous exercise, just practise morning yoga for a positive start of a day, 2 hours of walk and strictly followed my healthy eating habits and weight loss plan by the healthy company. As suggested by nutritionists I had a balanced amount of protein and fat. In the morning - eggs, multigrain bread, walnuts and a cup of green-tea. For lunch I remain stuck with daal-roti and salad and for dinner I had daal, roti, rice, curd and grilled pieces and veggies.

I replaced unhealthy snacks with fruits, makhana and tasty and crunchy lean bars. Lean bars were an amazing meal replacement as it contains muesli, raisin, almonds and cocoa. It kept me full for a long time and boosted my metabolism naturally which ultimately helped me shed kilos in no time. I loved sipping 2 cups of Mint lean green-tea everyday, I feel a lot better, refreshed and energetic. Both the lean green-tea and lean bars helped me tremendously to reduce weight. I started my weight loss journey at 83 and in just 6 months I lost 19 kgs and am very thankful to be part of‘ ‘The Healthy Company’ family.

Is being more healthier one of your New Year Resolutions? Kickstart your fitness journey with The Healthy Company today to achieve the ideal weight. Set your attainable goals, be habit oriented, and get your plan that comes with a personalised Health Coach, available 24X7to guide you throughout your weight loss journey on at ‘The Healthy Company’ membership.

Diksha kashyap
Jan. 4, 2021, 5:13 p.m.

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