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The current lockdown has been hard on a lot of people. Our schedules have gone haywire, with a lot of us resorting to unhealthy eating and sleep patterns. But it is important to remember that mindful eating can go a long way in improving our physical and mental health in general, and could result in a more enjoyable experience even while being cooped up at home. We understand that sticking to a diet plan takes a lot of willpower. But don’t worry! Eva- your AI Health coach App has put together a list of things you could do to resist those temptations and gradually feel more productive at home.

1. Outsource healthy superfoods Constructing a balanced meal, finding all the ingredients at a reasonable price, and cooking it all is enough legwork to give up before you really begin. And this is where healthy eating services (P.S. Hope we’re being subtle) come into the picture. Whether you’re toying with the idea of weight loss or going vegan, our functional utility plans can help you battle your lifestyle diseases!

2. Don’t have an ‘all or nothing’ approach This approach is what often leads to people breaking their routine. Instead, allow yourself to have cheat days and remember to balance them out later. 3. Clear your home of unhealthy snacks If you have junk food in your home, you’re more likely to give in at some point and eat it. Clear your fridge and cabinets of candy, baked sweets, fried foods and foods made with refined flour.

4. Avoid stress-eating If your solution to stress caused by your demanding job is snacking on sweet or high-fat foods, you could be making your stress a whole lot worse. Avoid foods containing excessive amounts of refined sugar, salt, caffeine and preservatives. 5. Don’t be drastic. Eat less but often A simple trick, but often undervalued. Dieting isn’t necessarily about starving yourself, and skipping meals is not the right solution to weight loss. Instead, eat the right food in small quantities, but often.

Disha Surwase
Sept. 21, 2020, 8:42 p.m.

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