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Whenever you think of losing weight, the first thing that enters your mind is ‘WORKOUT’ but have you ever thought it could be easier than sweating out in a gym or expending hours for workout. "Here's what Manya Narula have to say about her fitness journey with The Healthy Company" : When I had thought of losing weight, I used to do a lot of workout but it didn’t really affect my stubborn body fat. After a few days while using instagram page I came across The Healthy Company and it totally changed my eating habits and weight loss plan caught my attention. When I started, my goal was to shed 17 kilos,I have been using the weight loss plan which has Green- Tea and lean Bar from last one month and it has been so effective.

The lean Green- Tea keeps me refreshed throughout the day, I prefer to have 2 cups everyday and the lean bar keeps me energized and i don't feel like eating anything for 2-3 hours as it keeps my hunger pangs at bay, so helps in losing weight. In just one month I lost 7kgs. It makes me feel more confident and healthy. 10kgs more to down which i definitely believe that continuous use will help me achieve my goal. “Loving the mint lean tea flavour and the lean bars” 😍😍

You can also be like Manya, start your health journey with us Today! Let's help amplify that experience,boost your holistic health and wellness with the power of Super healthy, natural and tasty SUPERFOODS . Take a step towards the healthier self to conquer healthy goals everyday.

Diksha Kashyap
Dec. 17, 2020, 12:28 p.m.

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