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“ The lean tea is truly a must have for people looking to lose weight. When other products failed, I tried the detox plan, my metabolism improved and it has worked like magic on me!” – Hanuman Reddy The secret to a successful fitness journey is starting! If you never start, you’ll never know how far you can push your limits. And if your fitness goals include fat loss, the only secret is boosting your metabolism. All activities in our body depends on our basal metabolic rate i.e BMR. Fat loss occurs when your metabolism is speedy and the reverse takes place with a faulty metabolic rate.

Let’s see what he has got to share with us : “My family and colleges started noticing my gained weight. It didn’t bother about it until one day my father exclaimed ‘You have become fat!’. That is when it hit me hard. I started realizing that I weighed 10-12 kilos extra than what I was before. I wanted a rapid weight loss as I wished to gain my original weight back at the earliest. I was looking for a reliable and easy to use product that guaranteed fat loss. Soon I came across The Healthy Company. The Detox plan caught my attention. When I started I was 97 kilos and today I am 83!"

What was his diet like? Hanuman wanted a rapid weight loss. He didn’t have the time to cook a variety of weight loss meals. He had healthy smoothies and shakes. Majority of them were made with green vegetables which proved to be a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. That way he could manage his carb count. But it was not all liquid diet. He had a chapatti and a bowl of rice for lunch. Dinner was at regular times and was kept light followed by LEAN GREEN TEA. He made sure to not include a lot of caffeinated beverages. His go to beverage during this time was buttermilk or ‘Chaas’. It is super easy to make and is a potential probiotic which helps growing the good bacteria leading to a stronger gut.

When asked what tips or messages he would like to share with our audience, he says that diet is of utmost importance in weight loss. It need not be a costly, fancy diet but something that suits your body the best. At The Healthy Company, we take pride in people like Hanuman who prove that a healthy weightloss is surely a possibility! Join the family of 50,000+ happy customers today!

Disha Surwase
Sept. 18, 2020, 12:09 p.m.

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