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Motherhood is the scariest happiest roller coaster you don't get much personal time. Like even if you want to take shower you have to schedule it. Doing things for yourself becomes hard. But the most challenging part is losing postpartum baby weight. While being a new mother sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. You get too much advice from your friends and relatives, so take what works and throw the rest away. Taking into consideration all these factors weight loss after pregnancy needs to be gradual and 100% safe. Pallavi too, wanted to go about weight loss the healthy way.

Here’s what she has to share with us. “I was quite aware that i am going to put up extra weight post pregnancy but it's really hard to manage some time for self wellness. And then your loved one comes into the picture and becomes the saviour. One fine day me and my sister-in-law were having a healthy conversation and she told me to try The Healthy Company Detox plan and that conversation really helped me to achieve my goal.” I started in June and my target was to lose 10-12 kgs, practicing exercise and doing meditation is not something made for new mothers. We always have to look for something which could help us in an easy way. I started having lean Green-Tea 3 cups everyday and did not even follow any specific diet just on 1 hours of walk and being physically active. “The flavour is so soothing and refreshing. It keeps me energetic throughout the day. In just 3 months I lost 12 kgs and now for me Detox plan is my most favourite and recommended plan for my friends and family”

Pallavi believes that being physically active and getting a right plan goes a long way in not just reducing weight but also maintaining it! You can also get a right body by being physically active and we at The Healthy Company always inspire women to experience their motherhood as the best moment of their life and we are always here to guide you with the best plan.

Diksha Kashyap
Dec. 23, 2020, 5:38 p.m.

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