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Research has it that people with sedentary lifestyle are more prone to all types of cardiovascular diseases. This might be because of the junk food, unusual and untimely eating habits, and lack of exercise and so on. Moreover, it is not always feasible to fetch time for some kind of physical activities. The least we can do, is to find ways that won’t involve much of our time and yet help us stay fit at our workplaces. 1. Carry a lunch box: This is probably the most effective way of keeping yourself away from junk food. No matter how ‘homely’ the food at your office seems, it would always contain more oil and fats that your self-cooked meal. Moreover, if you are aiming at weight loss and following a particular diet, it might require you to adhere to it’s clauses. Therefore, preparing your meal is the best option to lose weight on a regular office schedule.

2. Time your meals: Although this may sound a bit difficult due to deadlines and sudden meeting, make sure there isn’t a large time gap between your meals. If having a proper lunch is not possible on a busy day, try eating fillers like almonds, berries and nuts. This would keep yu away from building acidity as well. 3. Take a stroll during your breaks: Don’t just open an extra tab on your screen and call it a break. Get up, get moving! Numerous studies show increased risk of cardiovascular diseases in those with a desk job. Let’s address the elephant in the room- smoking is a quite common practice in the corporate world. More than 60% of office going people are passive smokers. This trend needs to be changed. Get fresh air during your breaks, make sure you take stroll and not scroll through social media in your free time.

4. Keep stretching in between: Our legs are constantly in a 90-90 position when we sit on a chair. This causes of shortening of hamstrings. No wonder we can’t bend and reach our toes when asked to. Practice self-stretching exercises whenever you can. 5. Make sure your office chair is in good condition: More than 40% of desk job workers develop some kind of back pain or structural deformities I their later life. One can blame wrong sitting postures. The ideal posture involves your knee pointing at the desk, keeping your spine straight and avoiding slouching. Try to sit on a chair with a back rest and keep a roll of towel behind your lumbar curve.

6. Stay hydrated: That’s the least one can do for themselves. Keep a bottle with you at all times. Or set a timer so that you visit the water purifier after every 30-40 minutes. 7. Sleep well before night shifts: Instead of consuming pills that keep you awake, be sure to take a sound sleep a day prior. Such drugs disturb your sleep-wake cycles and make losing weight even more difficult. 8. Get down a stop prior: While approaching your work place or while getting back home, try to get down a stop prior so that you can walk the extra mile. This shall enable you to go for a short, brisk walk which otherwise you are unable to. Such small practices might go a long way in maintaining good health at workplace.

Disha Surwase
March 4, 2020, 9:18 a.m.

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