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They say once you start loving junk food there’s no turning back. And we don’t blame you because who doesn’t love an extra cheese slice on their burger or a dash of chocolate sauce on brownies. And once we start exploring the irresistible world of roadside food, there is no stopping. Also, once we start unlocking offers on food delivery apps, we look at it as savings and keep ordering more and more and more. But on a Sunday when we stand on the weighing scale, it hits us hard. That's when we know it’s time to stop. Well, we can’t end it all at once but we can surely draw a limit by setting rules for ourselves. Here are some tips to avoid binge eating when you are out:

1. Never leave the house empty stomach! Eat a little before you appear for any social meets. It is essential to keep your stomach a little filled at all times to avoid acid refluxes. 2. Keep sipping in between. Drink water to avoid sinking in the taste and end up devouring everything at once. 3. Make sure to add salads to your meal. Here’s a trick: Every time you order a heavily loaded food item, complement it with something light. It could even be just a plate of sliced cucumbers.

4. Talk! Talking in between shall keep you a little distracted from your food. 5. Chew well: Take your time. Most of us chew only a minimal amount of our food. A study reveals that 5% of our food is digested in the mouth itself. Doing so won’t put a strain on the stomach. Make sure you savor all that you eat to avoid eating in chunks. 6. Avoid Alcohol: Until of course it’s a celebration and you can't resist it! However the extent of damage it does to a diet is real! There is no way you can aim at losing fat yet consume alcohol on a daily basis.

7. Give up on the deserts: Trust us; we are saying this with a heavy heart! A bite shall do no harm but a lot is something is worry about. STICK to one cheat day per week and decide your cheat meal prior. A scoop of ice cream won’t make you fat and a day of dieting won’t make you thin. It is all about consistency. Little steps towards healthy eating transform into habits. Such habits stay with us forever.

Disha Surwase
Feb. 15, 2020, 10:42 p.m.

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