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We all know that feeling when our old pair of jeans no longer fit our thighs. That’s when we appreciate the red alert and start taking actions. However, we often see people following various diets, spending hours at the treadmill yet not witnessing any significant results. Eventually, they call it a day. Now, why is that so? It is proven than about 70% of your body’s metabolic patterns depend upon your eating habits. ‘You are what you eat’. Hence it is cardinal to pay keen attention towards your diet and nutrition. Here’s how you can eat healthy while aiming at losing weight.

1. Pay close attention to your calorie intake: How many times has your colleague refused to take the samosa you offered them stating it contains 262 calories? Well, you don’t have to be a spoilsport but it’s always good to have an approximation of your calorie intake at the back of your mind. It is always better to have two medium-sized apples, containing 120 calories than to have a piece of cake containing the same amount of calories which wouldn’t suffice even 1/6th of your hunger. 2. Go Raw: We know eating just boiled meat can be scary! So, the idea here is to eat as much whole and as real as possible. Eating raw ensures that you get the necessary fibers. A lot of oil and spices go into fancy eating. Instead, you can grill veggies, meat and add a bit of oregano, salt and pepper. The ‘Paleo diet’ is one of those diet plans which focuses on eating raw quite like the cavemen.

3. Cut down on carbohydrates.:-Do not cut down completely but lower your portions. They would eventually get converted into sugar. Try replacing wheat, white pasta, rice, etc with whole grains, quinoa or oats. Since carbohydrates are digested faster, they cause unstable blood sugar levels. Switching to healthier options increases the risk of many such chronic diseases and also beats hunger pangs. 4. Bye-Bye fats. We have heard this time and again. It is needless to say that fats must be bid farewell. Here again, be true to yourself. Don’t try to trick your mind into replacing it with olive oil or mayonnaise instead of butter. Instead, opt for nuts which would be good filler and also give you only the required amount of fats. Reducing fats will not only help you shed pounds but also keep away the risk of diseases such as obesity, blood pressure instability, atherosclerosis, and other cardiac illnesses. 5. Adding more protein: If you are planning to trade fats for muscle mass, you ought to increase your protein intake. This also helps to raise your satiety. Add more lean proteins to your diet. Rich sources of proteins include tofu, legumes, eggs, meat, and fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Diet plans like Atkins and Keto have emphasized the importance of proteins. In these plans, you only consume proteins that cause your body to switch to burn fats as a source of energy since there aren’t any carbohydrate reservoirs left.

6. What to drink? After having a good insight into what all to eat, it is essential that you pay close attention to your fluid intake. When on a weight loss diet, drink up to 16-20 glasses of water every day. Water has 0 calories and hence is your most reliable friend throughout the diet plan. Next in the list is green tea. Rich in antioxidants, this beverage would help flush out waste metabolites. It also indirectly acts to increase dopamine levels hence reduces stress. Low sugar smoothies(made from berries only)can also be consumed. However, it is recommended to eat fruits raw to preserve the fiber in them. Carbonated drinks and tetra pack juices rich in sugar are strictly a no-no. Do not fall trap to ‘zero-calorie’ or ‘low sugar’ labels on beverages. 7. Do not underestimate your eating habits:- Now this is of utmost importance. Our eating pattern influences the body to a large extent. Have 5-6 portions than having 3 straight meals. Eat-in small proportions. Do not gulp it down all at once. Avoiding heavier meals at night. Avert even the slightest thought of binge eating on junk! To avoid re-bounce, decide to reward yourself with a tiny piece of dessert after a week of a strict diet. We know it can really be a mammal’s task and that you might feel like giving up. But know that change is hard, but once achieved it is the most beautiful experience. Your body is where you dwell. Eat healthily and keep going until you make this dwell the most alluring one!

Disha Surwase
Jan. 29, 2020, 9:20 p.m.

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