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We see many people complaining about how all their efforts to lose weight go in vain again and again. This causes many people to ultimately give up on their weight loss plan. Given below are few reasons you would want to re-consider before giving up your goals. You are not treating the underlying cause: There are a variety of conditions that can lead to weight gain. PCOD and metabolic diseases like hypothyroidism are among the most common of them. Even Depression has shown to increase the incidence of binge eating or untimely eating causing weight gain. So open up and talk to a friend! Few medications also lead to weight gain or slow down your metabolism. Weight gain due to such secondary causes needs keen attention.

You are falling prey to artificial weightless supplements: Let's face it! Many Weight loss medicines today are artificial. Not only they burn a hole in our pocket but also take a toll on our health. A good number of weight loss products in the market which seem promising at first are high processed and contain large amounts of sugar just make them taste good. The best products to choose are the ones that are Organic at aim at cleansing your body.

Just counting calories isn’t enough: Are you avoiding a plate full of avocados, bananas and nuts but drinking cola with the label of ‘zero’ calories? Although going calorie deficit is the prime aim while losing weight, consuming healthy calories is essential as well. Do not miss out on the empty calorie you consume unknowingly. Example- adding extra mayonnaise to your ‘healthy bowl of salad. You aren’t paying attention to your beverages: Consuming a green tea with ounces of refined sugar will not help you in any way. Pay attention to all your sugar intake when you drink coffee, tea and even smoothies. One might also consider the high fat milk that goes into these beverages. Alcohol even if consumed occasionally might harm your diet.

You are probably going too harsh on yourself: You don’t have to starve yourself in order to become slim. We often see people giving up on their diet because it was too strict and they were unable to comply with it. It is always a good option to keep your diet flexible. Make sure you add small rewards for yourself or allow a cheat day after a week of dieting. For desserts, choose products that are naturally sweet.

Disha Surwase
March 9, 2020, 8:38 a.m.

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