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We often forget that healthy eating is not associated with dieting bur rather it should be a part of our lifestyle. Here are 11 eating habits that must be considered right away! Eat your GREENS: We have been hearing it all along. Rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, vegetables must constitute 50% of your meal. Whether on a diet or not, vegetables must be a major part of your meal. Include more fruits: Take them out from your fruit custard and put them on your breakfast plate. Make sure to include ONE fruit in your diet every day. Fruit sugars and fats are absolutely healthy and must not be a matter of concern.

Cut down on Sugar and Fats: Sugar is probably the most harmful item to have on a diet or even otherwise. Cut down on sugar as much as you can. Lower your intake of unsaturated fats. Don’t fear from adding healthy fats on your plate like those obtained from fruits and nuts. Reduce the salt intake: It might seem harmless in our younger days. But as we grow old, an increased uptake of salt might lead to conditions such as hypertension. Make a habit to use salt judiciously. Eat more to lose more: By more we mean more ‘OFTEN’. This by far the best method to speed up metabolism. While you do so keep in mind ‘how much’ you eat. It is recommended that instead of having 3 heavy meals, one must break it down into 6 meals a day.

Pay attention to your proportions: The plate method is used for an ideal proportion. It describes how half the proportion must consist of vegetables and fruits. One quarter by starchy food like grains and the other quarter by protein-rich items. If aiming at weight loss going calorie deficit is very important. Time your meals: Waking up at 3 am and eating a tub of ice-cream might be fun but it is definitely not something to practice every day. Eat at fixed intervals. Avoid late night snacking and wind up dinner before 8 pm. Don’t stay hungry: Skipping a meal does no good. It only leads to bloating and acid re-fluxes. No matter how caught up you are, make sure you carry a snack with you. Staying hungry will only lead you feast later.

Watch your beverages: Again! Don’t underestimate the sugar in your beverages. Aerated drinks, packaged smoothies and juices are a strictly no no! Keep a watch on your Alcohol intake as well. Plan a certain amount for the week and stick to it. The best beverages to have are Green tea, black coffee and WATER! Get rid of packed food: Packed food contains a plethora of processed sugar and other preservatives. Cook at home instead. Plan your cheat days: Come on we all have cheat days. Unknowingly, we have it almost every day. It is always better to plan your cheat days ahead. It could even mean an upcoming party or a major event Look at is as a reward for eating clean.

Disha Surwase
April 2, 2020, 11:15 p.m.

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