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If only we followed all the resolutions we made for ourselves, we would be millionaires with a model’s body till now. But alas, that’s not the case. But we can always make a fresh start. Let us take one day at a time and not forget that small changes can make a huge difference. You cannot change your eating habits at once until you modify your lifestyle and make healthy eating a habit. Here are a few positive changes that we all can easily follow- 1.Start your day with meditation: Mediocre as it sounds, however meditation can have a HUGE impact on our lives. Now let me not make it fancy and tell you to visualize how the earth formed. All we need to do is close our eyes and think through the day, plan your day ahead and align your thoughts. Think about what went wrong the other day and how could you improve it. This is a great way to analyze our potentials.

2. Eat a fruit everyday: When was the last time you ate a WHOLE fruit, apart from having them on a fruit salad plate? Fruits are rich in antioxidants improves our immunity and ensures us a healthy glowing skin by keeping blemishes at bay. 3. Practice a No-Sugar day once every week: Once a week can go a long way. This might sound easy to but make sure you can take off all the sugar that you consume in the form of packed or processed food. Likewise, you can even practice a ‘No-Carb’ day. 4. Clean off the junk food in your house: You can’t really start eating healthy until you get rid of all the junk that lies in that closet. An easy method to track the amount of junk food you have been eating is by taking a look at the calorie values at the back of every packet. Calculate all the fats and sugar you have been unknowingly consuming. Take away all the cookies, pasta, white rice, ice cream and restore your cabinet with more greens.

5. Prepare your meals a day prior: If you don’t make time for preparing your meals chances are you will always end up eating food from outside. There might be a quite a good number of instances where you left the house empty stomach and ended up devouring in the office. To avoid this plan your meals a night before. 6. Have your dinner early: The main idea behind eating early is to give your digestive system enough rest by increasing the hours of fasting. This enables our digestive system to prepare to digest our next meal. Also eating early makes us feel more active and less sluggish. It has also proven to improve the quality of sleep. 7. Carry a water bottle daily: Keep sipping. We many a time mistaken thirst for hunger. This is because both of them give similar signals to our body. Therefore it is always advised to keep drinking water the moment you feel hungry. Water infused with menthe and lemon can even keep your food cravings at bay.

8. Make a fitness buddy: This is probably the best way to keep going and stay motivated when on a diet. You both can totally keep a check on each other and discover tastier ways of eating healthy. 9. Always carry your own snacks: Carry your own meals. No matter how hard you try, the foods in restaurants or even canteens would contain some bit of extra spices and oil. If you are on a strict diet never forget to carry your Tiffin. This could even be an apple, a bowl of sprouts or simply a protein bar. 10. Keep a Food Journal: There is no better way to track your progress. Be sure to include every bit of food you consume so as to not miss out on calorie tracking.

Disha Surwase
Jan. 6, 2020, 6:49 a.m.

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