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7-Day LEAN Starter Plan

(1 Peach Lean Green Tea + 1 Lean Green Coffee)

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100% Natural

Weight Management

Boosts Metabolism

Scientific Superfoods

Backed By Science

How To Use

1 x Lean Green Coffee (Cinnamon, 21 Cups)


1 x Lean Green Tea Pack (Peach, 21 Cups)


EVA - Personal Health Coach

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Spirulina, a Superfood clinically proven to boost metabolism.15x more, B-carotene than Carrots & iron than Spinach.


Lean Green coffee is a natural appetite suppressant which reduces your cravings.


Antioxidants rich lean tea restores your metabolism & gets you in shape.

EVA - Health Coach.

An intelligent coach that guides you to get best results.

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reviewers recommend this product


Aradhana verified

Healthy Skin!

"I had started seeing my skin becoming dry and had lost its shape. Since I am a vegetarian, this product grabbed my attention. I have been using it for 3 months and observed my skin glowing."


Anushka verified


"I am on keto diet since a month and was looking for something like this as a beverage (because obviously you can't drink fat :)) and this tea just perfectly compliments my diet plan and has barely any calories! Loved the new product!!!"


Taran verified

Super amazing

"Just the fifth day and I have lost 1 kilo already!! Amazing product guys, highly recommended for fat loss."


Heer verified

Another warm product!

"I was waiting for something like this Soo glad, this tea is all we were longing for especially in these times of covid. I loved the taste. Highly recommended for a good well-being!!"


Priya verified

Feeling refreshed!

"I catch cold veryy frequently and it's been just a few days since I started having this tea. Just a cup of this warm tea before sleeping makes me feel alright the next day! Highly recommended to people like me who are highly allergetic to etc."


Vaishnavi verified


"Wow! I lost some serious kilos! 6 kgs in ONE MONTH! Highly recommended to those struggling with weight loss due to poor metabolism."


Sudhanshu verified

Great buy!

"I thought one has to skip meals and give up on tasty food to shed weight. Turns out it's the exact opposite with Healthy Company! Thanks guys. Highly appreciate the products"


Isha verified

Best for pre workout

"I am an athlete and I am impressed by the 'LEAN BAR". It gives you the exact energy required before a training session. Highly recommended."


Raman verified

Great results!

"I just bought it to start eating healthy, surprisingly also lost 2 kgs eventually!"


Manali verified

Yummyyy !!

"I loveee the lean bar! The best I EVER HAD! I wish there were more bars in the one month plans! Please guys take this into account!"


Samantha verified

Good taste

"The products don't have a bland taste. They actually motivate you to eat healthier! I'd Recommend for sure!"


Rasika verified

Lost Post Pregnancy fat!

"All my friends kept telling It would take nearly 1 year to lose weight after pregnancy! I proved them wrong! Lost 7 kgs in two months! Thankyou"


Sarojini verified

Good one

"i use 1 month weightloss. lose 4kgs...happy!"


Soham verified

Overall good plan

"The products were good no doubt. What I really loved was meal plan from EVA app. That helped me keep track actually."


Rima verified

Finally a trustworthy product

"I just used it once for a month and to my surprise i have lost a few inches already! Might go for another plan."


Sumitra verified

Good results

"I am 45 year old and was facing some serious post-menopausal issues. Their dietician helped me. I almost also 2 kgs. Supportive people."


Mahendra verified

Amazing product!

"I have a desktop job and it was very difficult for me as I was already obese. My cholesterol and lowered by 50units after I took up this plan. Looking to lose more weight."


Leela verified


"I am a vegan and always looking for a 100% vegan product that actually works. I am very happy. I lost 3 kgs till now. Hopefully, I'll lose more!"


Rachana verified

Healthy Snacks

"It has become my family's go to snack! My 8 year boy loves the bar!"


Prakash verified

Light and healthy

"As a doctor myself I believe your health supplements should be nutritious and light as well. The products were good. I saw the ingredients , they are perfect for maintaining a healthy gut."


Tejaswini verified

Awesome taste

"I tried the trial pack of the lean tea and I am soo impressed, have ordered for few more months and even for my husband! Great product !"


Rohini verified

Lost weight with PCOS

"I was diagnosed with PCOS and while everyone else kept telling you will gain weight now, there was someone who actually helped me. Thankyou If it wasn't for your constant guidance, I would probably still be a timid, fat person w"


Radha verified

Loved the Green tea

"It amazes me Am I drinking green tea or a fruit punch ? It tastes soooo amazing! Peach is just tasty!"


Radha verified

Loved the Green tea

"It amazes me Am I drinking green tea or a fruit punch ? It tastes soooo amazing! Peach is just tasty!"


Sonya verified

AMAZINGG products!!

"I never thought I would lose weight easily. I can feel my metabolism is boosted and even my hunger is regulated guys! Happy to achieve results just no looking back from now!!"


Neola verified

Lost FAT effectively

"I have lost around 2 inches in just two weeks. Clearly it's fat loss! Highly recommended."


Nigel verified

No more Acidity

"The lean tea is the first thing I have in early morning. My acidity issues have highly reduced. Happy with the product"


Sahana verified

Decent Product

"It is a good healthy snack."


Jenny verified

Genuine product!

"I was not a fan of health supplements and have been fooled before. But my faith is restored just because of you guys! You team has really helped me lose weight. The feeling on finally achieving your goals is the Best in this world!!"


Madhulika verified

Real Results!

"I wasn't able to lose weight no matter what. Finally I started this plan as my husband suggested and the results are REAL! I can't believe I lost 6 kgs in a month!"


Ameya verified

Lost 5 kgs without GYM!

"I'll be honest I am not a workout fan. I found an flexible and also healthy alternative! Happy with the results!"


Rakesh verified


"I loved the fact that the ingredients are natural and it has no artificial stuff. That really makes it healthy!"


Rashi verified

tasty vegan snacks

"I am always on the search for some good vegan stuff. And I guess I have found one of the finest products!"


Hrishikesh verified

Super Superfoods!

"I am a fitness trainer and I know how nutritious SPIRULINA is. Many few people know about it. This is the sole reason I am using their lean bar! Truly nutritious!"


Adhyasha verified

Reliable and Safe

"I am a mother and my baby is till 6 months old. I have recently started the plan ans yes I can say it is a safe product. I can feel the change in my body."


Ragini verified

managed weight

"I am a fitness freak and love to stuff my kitchen with healthy reliable products. The tea has become a permanent part of my diet now!"


Lata verified

Lost 11 kgs!

"I was having thyroid and was constantly gaining weight. I saw their ad one day and to my surprise it really workss!! This is a milestone in my life. Feeling soo much more confident."


Neha verified


"It's been two months that I am using the plan. And the results are delivered as promised!! Lost 6 kgs till now! It's a healthy weightloss."


Vikram verified

Good tea

"I did not lose a lot of weight but the tea was really refreshing. Good taste"


Sudha verified

Marvelous results!

"I was having PCOS issues for quite a while now. As suggested by a friend, I started this plan along with EVA recipes and really I can see the difference. I am relieved and soo happy now."


Rajesh verified

It's a permanent solution!

"I started having the green tea and found good results and you won't believe it! my wife has literally replaced the regular tea with this lean tea! It is such an healthy alternative!"


Leena verified


"I have a sweet tooth. I couldn't pass a day without sweets, chocolates and gradually started gaining weight. But the tea cam as a rescuer! I feel soo satisfied and can finally manage my hunger"


Preeti verified

Refreshing mint tea!

"The lean tea is go to snack in my breaks! Honestly, it's so much better than bingeing on unnecessary suggary snacks!"


Kinnari verified

Yumm recipes by EVA!

"Okay so finally I got a diet plan that's Indian! Easy to make and actually effective!"


Komal verified

Easy effective meal plans!

"The EVA app is my go to thing to get some really healthy recipes! Also easy to make!"


Kunal verified

EVA is my best bud!

"I am a student and naturally can't fetch a lot of time for workouts. But EVA!! thankyou guys, I am finally able to keep a track of my calories."


Komal verified

Easy effective meal plans!

"The EVA app is my go to thing to get some really healthy recipes! Also easy to make!"


Varun verified

Lost Belly fat

"Finally got rid of the beer belly Xd!"


Latishka verified

Regulated my menstrual cycle

"Started having the bar and the tea. Using it for 5 months now and I my menstrual cycle is regulated like never before. Also I have reduced PMS cramps!"


Tejashree verified

Got rid of my acne

"Tried many Vitamin cremes. But this IS THE ONLY product that worked for me finally! Thanks guys!"


Prachi verified

Reduced PMS pains

"My mom always believed in natural ayurvedic methods. Surprised to see it actually works. Relieved of PMS cramps."


Dhwani verified

My hair got it's shine back!

"Honestly this tea is muchhh better than useless hair oils. My hair has restored it's shine!"


Piyush verified

Amazing APP!

"EVA is just amazing. Exactlyy what i was looking for. Great product as well."


Tanay verified


"I subscribed for the plan just for fitness but also lost weight! Great product guys. Hoping for more products!"


Favad verified

Perfect for POST WORKOUT

"I have it post my workout meals. The bar is truly nutritious."


Priya Shah verified

Amazing flavours!

"I never though green tea can taste this good! You guys must try the PEACH one!! Too yumm!"


Anwar verified

Surprising Results!

"I used THC Lean Green tea to aid my fitness journey. Being a personal trainer I knew the exercises I needed to do, however I needed an edge on my nutrition. I decided to go out on a limb and try THC tea as something different. And the results were im"


Sachin verified

Off 3 kgs in a week!

"I really liked the results as I lost 3 KGS in a week. Planning to buy the month plan soon."


Riya verified

Helped me Turn Around!!

"Last year I had some really bad luck that lead to 3 surgeries, and 5 months in a wheelchair. Consequently, I was in the worst shape of my life, I gained around 7 kilos and started a one month fat loss. I am so happy with the results, especially consi"


Shalini verified

Feeling Less bloated!

""tried one Month Detox for the first time ever and im sooo happy with my results . Im more energized and less bloated and I didnt crave any fast food the whole time ! Deffinately going to order more . Thank you for an incredible product .""


Mithun verified

Good results! Add more flavours!

""I really liked the results as I lost 9 KGS in a month but I think there should be more flavours. Awaiting !""


Rajni verified

Made me a Green tea LOVER!

"The Lose Fat Diet Plans are absolute amazing! Would you be introducing Protein Plans alongside anytime soon too?"


Ayushi verified

Lost 4kgs in 2 weeks!

"I got my one month detox a week back, already down 4 KGs and all of my bloating has gone away. Thanks , the nutrition team helped me a lot!"


Piyushi verified

Loved the Product!

""Loving the peach flavoured tea guys Lost 15 kilos in total, 5 more to go! Just a suggestion- introduce some new flavours in the lean bar like a cranberry one""


Maya verified

Improved my hair and skin!

""I found tasty vegan & organic snacks for my cravings on my diet""


Ackshay verified

Lost 10 kgs with the plan!

""Loving the Mint Lean Green Tea.5 more kilos to go!""


Revathi verified

No Bloating finally!

"I had Lean Bar & Lean Green Tea for 3 months & my bloating went away""


Usha verified

Lost Post Pregnancy fat!

""I shed my post-pregnancy weight with 1 month Weightloss plan""


Devansh verified

I lost 19 KGS!

""I wanted tasty diet snacks & Weight Loss Plan helped me lose weight""


Sana verified

Lost weight with Thyroid

""100% Natural snacks reduced my weight even with my thyroid""


Anuj verified

Lost 12 kgs !!

""Followed the plan for 2 months. The health coach was great too!""


Simran verified

Down 17 kgs in 3 months!

"My friend suggested this plan. The bar was good & the tea refreshing. I would recommend it."


Banasmita Das verified

Lost significant inches

""I have been following the plans religiously and have lost some good weight. Looking forward for more!""


Shree Mahi verified

Happy with the results

""I lost weight without gym. Didn't have to give up on rice or anything of that sort! Just eat healthy and consume these superfoods!""


Tas verified

Lost a kilo with trial plan

""Impressed by the trial plans result. Loved the EVA app. Helped me in staying on the right track!""


Poonam verified

Lost 5 kgs in a month!

""With the right plans from EVA, anyone can achieve their targets!""


Vandana Patiala verified

Lost post pregnancy weight

""Just started with the plan and I can already feel the difference. Ordering for another month!""


Pooja Gor verified

Lost weight with NO GYM!

""As a student, I can't fetch a lot of time exercising, The One month weight loss plan is my rescuer. Would order for another month.""


Winni Roy verified

Lost 4 kgs in 4 days!

""This is one of the best decisions, I ever made! They products have worked wonderfully for me. Results are amazing!""


Hanuman Reddy verified

Lost 12 kgs In ONE month!

""Very happy and satisfied with the results. The weight loss is really significant!""


Jennifer Chacko verified

Effective weight management

""Highly recommended to all those looking for a safe and reliable way to manage weight!""


Kinjal Singh verified

Lost 8 kgs with PCOS!

""Loved the plan, it has proved to be amazing! Surely recommended.""


Latika verified

Lost 8 KGS !

""I lost 8kgs by drinking the tea alone! It has kick-started my weight loss""


Riya Pannu verified

Acne-free skin

""My face is finally Acne-free. My skin is glowing and is at it's best. The detox plans are HIGHLY recommended. Super happy with the purchase!""


Anjali Gangadhar verified

Improved Metabolism

""Lost weight and I can see significant changes in my metabolism. My digestion has improved A LOT!""


Charu Mangla verified

Value for money!

""The DETOX plan is truly worth for the price. I lost 8 kgs without any diet! ""


Sonia Sambhyal verified

Lost 10 kgs post pregnancy

""100% SATISFIED! My skin is glowing like never before and I have lost weight without any strenuous exercises. Safe product! ""


Varsha Naik verified

Will buy again!

"Teas are really refreshing with amazing taste. Looking forward to buy again."


Dipti Gupta verified

Liked the PEACH tea!

""I really liked the peach flavored lean tea. Good buy!""


Lucinda verified

Loved The Tea

""The tea was really great!. Would surely recommend ir.""


Pinkey verified

Maintained weight

""Did not lose a lot of weight. I was only able to maintain it.""


Disha S verified

Lost 5 kgs in a month!

"The perfect breakfast substitute. Too happy with the results, lost 5 kgs without working out!"


Rushali Shinde verified


""Such a refreshing experience! it was really great!! Would surely recommend it .""


Eksha verified


"The mint tea is just PERFECT. Highly recommended to all looking for curbing cravings! Helped me lose weight as well!"


Abhishek verified

Highly Nutritious

""The bar is really good and highly nutritious!""


Aishwarya verified

Liked the Lean Bar

""I am only having lean bar and it's good.""


Deepthi verified

The bar is GREAT!

""I am really really happy with the results. The was just amazing!""


Soniya Veer verified

Good purchase

""I liked the MINT LEAN TEA! Results were good!""


Varsha Bijwal verified

Want to order more

"Really happy with the product. I am eagerly looking forward to order again."


Anubha verified

The bar is good

""Didn't get results because I was unable to follow it regularly. I will order again and will continue. But liked the Lean Bar""


Priyanka Motghare verified

Liked the product

""It was a good product. Happy with the results!""


Umemah verified

Pretty Good

"It was a pretty good product. Liked the taste. Healthy Ingredients."


Vaishali verified

Results were good

"Good products. Got desired results"


Shiva Malhotra verified

Liked the Bar

""I didn't lose much weight but surely I like the Lean Bar!""


Priyanka verified

Achieved the target

""It worked well for me, I achieved the target that I was aiming at!""


Shriyanka Modak verified

"Good Results"

"I Loved the TEA! Satisfied with the purchase, will buy more post-lockdown.""


Somya verified


""Lost weight in the initial few weeks but weight got stuck later.""


Kiran Sharma verified

Quite Good

""The plan was quite good. Would surely recommend it!""


Dolly Shukla verified

Tried everything, Nothing worked like the lean bar.

""I tried several methods of losing weight, even took advice from some of the renowned weight loss institutions. But The Healthy Company's plans worked THE BEST! And I loved the lean bar, amazing taste, amazing results!'"


Ibrahim verified

"Perfect breakfast"

""I use the Lean bar post workout for breakfast. The contains truly make it the perfect low calorie and high fiber meal!""


Rashi Garg verified

Good product

""It was a good product, I am happy with the results.""


Sudhir Kokre verified

Lost 10 kgs without strict diet

""I couldn't fetch a lot of time for workout due to my office schedules, but the lean bar saved me from unnecessary binge eating and helped me lose weight!""


Niharika Nath verified

Helped me curb my cravings

""The lean bar keeps me full. Just one bar in the morning gets me going comfortably till lunch. It's just been few days since I started the plan and the results are amazing.""


Archit Patil verified

A plan that finally worked

""Loved the choco fudge lean bar. It's a perfect combination of high fiber and high-protein. It is a plan that finally worked for me. Lost around 10 kgs!""

How much weight can I lose?

We believe in 100% honesty when it comes to results. We have seen over THOUSANDS of customers, losing around 4-8 kilos of weight in ONE month! We give you FREE guidance from our AI based health coaching app EVA! It contains diet plans and recipe alerts made by leading nutritionists. Be sure to follow it for maximum results! Remember, Consistency is the key!




Does it have any side effects?

No. The Healthy Company believes in delivering 100% hygienic and clinically tested products devoid of any side effects that can cause our customers any harm. Our products are tested clinically prior to their launch. The Lean Beverage Plan is a healthy and great alternative to your regular caffeine intake.

Can I use both in a single day?

Yes, Definitely. The Lean Beverage Plan provides you the right dose of spirulina with 3 cups a day to help you boost your metabolism and accelerate weight loss naturally and sustainably.

Clinically Proven Results


higher metabolic rate


faster fat absorption


reduction in Bad cholestrol


reduction in weight with PCOS/PCOD

THC Advantage

Natural Superfoods
No side effects
Sustainable Results

Fat Burners/Pills/ACV

Harmful Chemicals
Lasting Damage
No Results