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7-Day LEAN Green Coffee

(1 x Green Coffee)

  |   100+ SOLD

100% Natural

Weight Management

Boosts Metabolism

Scientific Superfoods

Backed By Science

How To Use

1 x Lean Green Coffee (Cinnamon, 21 Cups)


1 x Lean Green Coffee (Cinnamon, 21 Cups)


EVA - Personal Health Coach

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Spirulina, a Superfood clinically proven to boost metabolism.15x more, B-carotene than Carrots & iron than Spinach.


Lean Green coffee is a natural appetite suppressant which reduces your cravings

EVA - Health Coach.

An intelligent coach that guides you to get best results.

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reviewers recommend this product


Raveena verified

Definitely Buy Antioxidants Rich Green Coffee!

"The three cups of green coffee a day has transformed my life. It has no added sugar and 5X Antioxidants power than regular coffee & 200% more antioxidants than regular green coffee. It has helped me to stay fit and healthy. Truly amazing products. Wi"


Shweta verified

Money well spent !

"A coffee that I can never imagine. It is the healthiest green coffee I have ever tried. Totally natural-made from superfoods and of course the amazing arabica beans. I have followed the diet by the health coach and it has helped me lose weight. Best "


Shivani verified

Green Coffee

"I travel a lot throughout the year and also prefer drinking coffee at least twice a day as it made me feel fresh but the high amount of caffeine was affecting my health. The Green coffee blend is rich in chlorogenic acid & the Superfood spirulina is "


Shambu verified

Must try it atleast once!

"This green coffee is literally a weightloss miracle. Full of superfoods like spirulina and cinnamon that are scientifically approved and researched for it's effect on weight loss."


Ramakant verified

Loved the Nutritious Tasty Superfood Coffee!

"My wife was always worried about the weight gain then I gifted her the newly launched Green Coffee by the healthy company and since then she has been thanking me. This coffee is full-on nutrition and brewing it in warm water gives an aromatic fragran"


Sonam verified

Perfect Green Coffee Blend

"I love to drink coffee but intaking a high amount of caffeine has caused me headaches, anxiety, and irregular heartbeats. One of my friends recommended me Lean Green Coffee by The Healthy Company and it has changed my life completely. It's totally or"


Sarita verified

Best Coffee ever!

"Best coffee I have ever tasted and also the most healthy one. It contains superfoods like spirulina and cinnamon which has helped me burn my body fat and get lean. I have started seeing the results as soon as I have tried it. Would highly recommend i"


karishma verified

Super Coffee

"I can never think of a coffee with soo many healthy benefits but The Healthy Company has made it possible. It's not just a regular coffee. It's a super Coffee. Will definitely continue to have it in my breakfast."


Nametha verified

Weight Loss kickstarted!

"I have always been worried about my weight and wanted to lose it naturally. I tried the Green Coffee has 2 amazing boxes in one pack. And I can actually see the results. Not only it has helped me in my weight loss but also to control my blood sugar l"


Chetna verified

Kickass Green Coffee!

"I bought the newly launched Lean Green Coffee from the healthy company and trust me this coffee is truly amazing. Earlier I used to feel low during morning times but after drinking this green coffee + cinnamon+ Spirulina blend, I kickstart my day wit"

How much weight can I lose?

We believe in 100% honesty when it comes to results. We have seen over THOUSANDS of customers, losing around 4-8 kilos of weight in ONE month! We give you FREE guidance from our AI based health coaching app EVA! It contains diet plans and recipe alerts made by leading nutritionists. Be sure to follow it for maximum results! Remember, Consistency is the key!




How many times can I consume green coffee per day?

There is no stringent number but you can definitely consume this 2 to 3 times a day. It is completely natural

Which is better LEAN Green Coffee or LEAN Green Tea?

Superfood Spirulina is scientifically proven to boost metabolism & help you lose weight. It is an active ingredient in both LEAN Green Coffee & LEAN Green Tea. Opting for LEAN Tea or LEAN Green coffee depends on personal taste & preference. Our LEAN Green Coffee is available in an exotic cinnamon flavor whereas LEAN Green Tea comes in Sweet Peach & Refreshing Mint Flavor. If you aren't an Original Green Coffee already, the LEAN Green Tea would be your perfect start!

Is this product rich in anti-oxidants?

Yes. Our product contains vast weight loss ingredients that enhance your vitality, immunity as well as boosts your metabolism. Through our rigorous research, we are putting forward this product that contains 5 times the antioxidants of any other regular green coffee product in the market. In addition, our product also comes with a strong aroma that enhances your taste.

Are there any side effects of drinking green coffee?

The Healthy Company believes in delivering 100% hygienic and clinically tested products devoid of any side effects that can cause our customers any harm. Our products are tested clinically prior to their launch. Lean Green Coffee is a healthy and great alternative to your regular caffeine intake.

Does green coffee help in weight loss?

Our product LEAN Green Coffee helps you transform yourself into the body you always wanted. Moreover, it is rich in nutrients and is specially infused with Spirulina that helps boosts your metabolism.

Backed By Science


higher metabolic rate


faster fat absorption


reduction in Bad cholestrol


reduction in weight with PCOS/PCOD

THC Advantage

Natural Superfoods
No side effects
Sustainable Results

Fat Burners/Pills/ACV

Harmful Chemicals
Lasting Damage
No Results