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Superfood For Stronger Immunity

7-Day Immuni-Tea Booster Green Tea Trial

(Herbal Spice, 7 Tea Sticks)

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100% Natural

Strengthens Inner Core

Boosts Metabolism

Scientific Superfoods

Backed By Science

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Box of 1 Immuni-Tea Booster Tea (21 Cups)


EVA -Personal Health Coach

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Spirulina, a Superfood clinically proven to boost metabolism.15x more, B-carotene than Carrots & iron than Spinach.


Potent Ayurvedic Blend of Tulsi, Amla, Spirulina,Turmeric and Giloy to build a stronger immunity, keeping infections at bay!

EVA - Health Coach.

An intelligent coach that guides you to get best results.

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reviewers recommend this product


Ramesh verified

This new product is amazing!

"Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for, an Ayurvedic based tea, much better option than taking pills just to strengthen immunity. I strongly believe that it has to be the herbal way!"


Nishit verified

Effective product

"So the pack just arrived day before yesterday and my family is already loving it! Please introduce the 1 MONTH pack as well, 1 week is too less."


Raghav verified

Amazing product!

"I ordered this tea for my mom, she's 48 and she loved it. Especially the taste and herbal ingredients. She's happy with it. Thanks guys, it's an amazing product."


Heer verified

Another warm product!

"I was waiting for something like this Soo glad, this tea is all we were longing for especially in these times of covid. I loved the taste. Highly recommended for a good well-being!!"


Priya verified

Feeling refreshed!

"I catch cold veryy frequently and it's been just a few days since I started having this tea. Just a cup of this warm tea before sleeping makes me feel alright the next day! Highly recommended to people like me who are highly allergetic to etc."


Ackshay Jain verified

Just loving the immunity green tea!

"Have been having so many other immunity boosting products, but this is finally the ONE green tea which is delicious and literally full of health ingredients!"

How much weight can I lose?

We believe in 100% honesty when it comes to results. We have seen over THOUSANDS of customers, losing around 4-8 kilos of weight in ONE month! We give you FREE guidance from our AI based health coaching app EVA! It contains diet plans and recipe alerts made by leading nutritionists. Be sure to follow it for maximum results! Remember, Consistency is the key!




Can people with PCOS, Thyroid and Diabetes have it?

Yes! It can be consumed even if you have any of the above mentioned conditions. Infact, ingredients like Giloy has shown to manage diabetes!

How does it work?

Ayurveda based herbs like Giloy, Amla, Tulsi, Turmeric have various anti-allergic and anti-oxidant properties which fights infections and contributes towards a stronger immunity.

Can elders and children have it?

Yes! The ingredients are 100% natural and based on Ayurveda. It is safe for elders and children to consume.

Will it help in preventing allergies?

The ingredients in this tea are 100% Ayurvedic. These herbs have potent anti-allergic properties which would help treat common ailments like cold etc.

When can I have the immuni-tea?

The tea can be consumed twice daily. It can either be consumed before meals or even alongside meals. We recommend having a warm cup before going to bed for best results.

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Backed By Science


higher metabolic rate


faster fat absorption


reduction in Bad cholestrol


reduction in weight with PCOS/PCOD

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Natural Superfoods
No side effects
Sustainable Results


Harmful Chemicals
Lasting Damage
No Results