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The Inception

The Healthy Company was born out of the experiences of three engineering undergraduates - Devansh Jain Nawal, Ackshay Jain and Shashank Vishwanath. As students, sitting on desks was major part of their days and a good fitness-focussed diet had never been a practical possibility at the universities. With our varied backgrounds and experiences in fitness, bioscience and technology, we came up with a range of products to help you be in better shape every day.

The Inspiration

At The Healthy Company (a brand under Alnourish Healthy Foods pvt ltd), we are focused on leveraging bio-technology and nutritional science to empower you to achieve your health goals. We make really tasty health-bars that help you get lean, detox your body and refuel your energy based on your health goals. Most importantly, the central foundation of our philosophy is anything we make must be scientifically-proven and backed by biological research because like most people, we too wasted a lot of time and money in following the newest health fads and trends which were nothing but over-hyped.

We will launch our range of Health Bars starting this November consisting of
LEAN - Fat Metabolising Bar
CLEANSE - Detox Bar
REFUEL - Energy Bar
DE-CARB - Keto Bar

The Journey

We started back in March'18 when we were prepping for The Thought For Food Challenge 2018, to solve the impending global food sustainability crisis. Once we learned about how Spirulina, a variety of blue-green algae is not only edible, but also the most nutritionally dense substance on the planet, We developed DIY Spirulina-growth kits for farmers in the traditionally marginalised regions with the help of the extensive research Shashank had been involved pertaining to Spirulina. Further, we also explored ways of using Spirulina to help the lakhs of malnourished children in India and worked with many great NGOs for the same.

While all of this was happening, we were underway our personal fitness journeys and as we discovered the virtually endless benefits of Spirulina through thousands of scientific studies, we made it a central part of our diet to lose weight and get lean. However, things started to change when we witnessed visible results in the way we looked and felt once we started consuming Spirulina. Not only were we losing stubborn fat, but our skin got better and we stopped feeling 'drained' halfway into our work-days, like most millennials. This was also the moment we realised that, in this world of ever-changing health fads from Green Tea to Weight-loss supplements that we have all fallen prey to at some point in our lives, there was an acute shortage of options that were backed by science and actually work.

Hence, the bio-technology enthusiast in Shashank decided to spend the following months in leading laboratories, extensively researching and developing hundreds of different blends with natural ingredients that were perfectly tailored to help everyone achieve specific results through supplementing the body’s naturally beneficial processes. Devansh and Ackshay who have themselves lost 40kgs and 25kgs respectively in a span of few months on , realised on their health journeys that they would often be hard-pressed to find scientific products that could help them to improve their diet. Hence the three of us combined our experiences in fitness and bioscience into what culminated in the range of Health Bars by The Healthy Company.